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mobile epidural - how was yours?

hi everyone
im intrested in having a mobile epidural and would like to know what it was like for you? did you have alot of pain or hardly any? i am absolutly rubbish with pain and will just want to roll over and go to sleep if i have lots! thats why an epidural is on the cards for me but id like to hear more about a mobile one
thanks xx


  • when it says mobile you cant acually walk about as you dont have full feeling in your legs and you are also wired up to a drip and a monitor to see your contractions, i had one, i was in so much pain and i couldnt take it anymore id had no sleep for 23 hours and was so tired, so i begged for one, it took 4 trys to get it in as my contractions were so close together, you dont feel any pain it going in as you to busy thinking about your contraction, but once it was in and working it was heaven it really was. one min i was scraming in pain the next i was sat up in bed drinking tea and eating toast, it was fantastic. but when it came to pushing it was hard coz i wouldnt feel my contractions. i pushed for over an hour and nothing, so millie had to be delivered with forceps which is commen, but if i didnt have the epidural i dont think i could of coped coz i had no energy left at all, i defo have this again with my second one, gd luck, hope this helps x
  • yeah hun it did, mmmm tea and toast hey? sounds nice lol

    ive heard the mobile one usally dosnt have as much anisthetic in it so you can feel your contractions a tiny bit which helps pushing and you can move your legs but not really feel them ??
  • i had a mobile one and i could move my legs a little but couldnt feel my contractions at all, but then again i never stopped pressing my button to top it up so thats maybe why lol coz you top your own as and when u need ti but i never stoppped pressing mine, even tho it will only send the pain relife thru every so offten i just kept pressing it, it made me feel better lol x
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