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hi all just a bit of advice really from those who know!! has anyone had a water birth or used the pool when in labour? i really like the thought of water as i have heard lots of positive feedback about it on tv mags etc and wondered if anyone on here has any experience?:\?


  • i used it as pain refief in my first pregnancy and it was fantastic i would have ha the baby in there if i had my way but labour went on too long and they wanted to speed it up so i had to get out but i highly recommend it and this time i am doing it again and i might actually have time to get in there as i'm being induced (last labour 14 minutes).
  • 14 minutes!!!! thanks anita for info defo a serious consideration all being well xx
  • Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • I had a waterbirth and it was fantastic! As soon as I jumped in the pool (yes jumped - I literally threw the midwives out of the way) the relief was instant. Warm water is great for pain relief but also you can maneouvre your body into positions just not possible out of water (well unless you are a contortionist of course). The great thing about a waterbirth is that is is very hands off, the midwife sat outside the pool and talked me through it, they placed a mirror on the floor of the pool so they could see what was going on. I liked this as I found I couldn't bear being touched in my labour, so I was more than happy to stay in the pool on my own and be talked through it (hubby was on the side having his hand crushed though). Also a midwife has to stay with you the whole time, which I really liked and put me at ease. I would definately reommend it! Good luck. Sarah xxx
  • thanks sarah it seems my mind is made up i just hope not to be disappointed if its in use!! i too dont like the thought of being crowded in labour and having the space to move about on my own with the water helping hold my weight sounds ideal to me, i just go offf how i feel when im in the bath and it relaxing and as soon as i stand up i can feel the baby weight drag me down so it must be worse in labour. thanks xx
  • I was worried about the pool being in use too but the hospital told me that most people who want to use the pool generally get to use it as funnily enough lots of people don't want to use the pool and I live in London!! Honestly though warm water and gas and air worked a treat for me, I also had excellent midwifes who really helped me with the breathing. One other thing I did not feel so exposed in the water as they let me keep my top on (you know how your dignity goes out of the window in pregnancy and labour). I really hope you get to use the pool and it works as well for you as it did for
  • Hi,

    I too am thinking about a waterbirth (first baby due 30 May). I have watched a few water births on tv which I am sure don't prepare you for the real thing ! But they did look more relaxing.

    I have decided to opt for a water birth with gas & air. I don't care about the dignity aspect and will be stripping off for maximum comfort !

    I think if you wanted to have pethedine as an option if the pain was too much you may need to put in your birth plan. I have a feeling you would have to get out of the pool at a certain time to have this ??! Ask your midwife's advice.

    I just think of all the positions I could be in, in a pool. I think it will be less restrictive when you want to rock or be on all fours etc.

    Not sure how long you have left but all the best

  • I'm hiring a water pool for my home birth. It arrives 2 weeks before my due date and is being set up in the dining room! Always an option to keep in mind. A handy website is Good luck
  • Hi starfly, where about do u live (what area) & what hospital did you deliver ur baba? Im from london aswel & i want a water birth!
  • im nearly 34 weeks now and need to start thinking about birthplan etc so thanks for all the info. i will hopefully be keeping top on for dignity reasons and i do think it seems more dgnified than lying on your back!!!! xx
  • tess i'm in islington and I had my baba at UCH. I wanted to keep my top on as there is so little dignity in childbirth, I wanted some modesty - I know it sounds daft when you think about it - but hey it worked for me xxx
  • I am gonna ask my m/w next time i see her for more info on how i book it & when i can view it. I actually excited now*
  • nearest i got was sitting in the bath then had to get out when baby was on his way, would loved to have had water birth, unfortunatley my hospital dont have a birthing pool, but the water really does ease the pain, if i had the opportunity i would def have had one.
  • Hi ya, i emailed the hospital for more info & this is what they said:

    Dear Tess,

    We have 3 pools at King's plus a large bath which can be used for labour, as well as baths in some of the en suite bath rooms. We would positively encourage you to use water in labour, if you wish.

    Obviously it is not absolutely possible to guarantee that a pool will be available when you are in labour, but it is unlikely that you won't be able to have access to any of the pools, unless when you are in labour it happens to be an unusually busy time. Even then we can try to move women from one room to another, if there is a woman in a room with a pool but not actually using the pool.

    We hold a monthly waterbirth talk on the first Tuesday of the month at 6.30pm. You do not need to book: just come along to the Labour ward (Nightingale Birth Centre) reception on the 4th floor of the Golden Jubilee Wing. We show you what the built- in pool looks like (unless it is being used). We will also have a talk about using the pools and answer questions.

    The next talk will be on Tuesday April 3rd.

    Best wishes.

    GR8 INIT?!!!!

    I actually cant wait now, hehe*
  • I had one and they're great! x
  • I'm really hoping to at least use the pool for pain relief although I'm not sure if I'll want to stay in for the actual birth (although it is supposed to be the least traumatic and most natural arrival for baby as she moves from one warm wet environment to another instead of coming straight out into the cold air) - there's only one at my hospital though so I'm hoping it will be free!!
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