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Embarrasing Question.

Ok so i just found out that i have Genital warts, totally gross. But what im really worried about is im due in just over 2 weeks and will this mean i wont be able to have a vaginal birth?
Please Please Please give me any advice you have.


  • absolutely no idea whether it make a difference just didnt want to read & run! try googling it, im sure there'll be plenty info on the net. i was gonna do it but then thought if hubby looks through search history on computer he may be a bit
    hope someone else has a more helpful reply.xx

    Nic 41+2
  • Think having a c-section reduces the risk of your baby contracting the virus too. As once you have the virus its in your system forever so will flair up when run-down/stressed etc.

    Poor you, sure its pretty uncomfortable at times

    Let us know what you find out x
  • Thanks for the advice, and thanks for not running *Nic* haha. Like every hour i would come on here to see if there was a reply and nothing. Just veiw s lol. But thanks heaps guys. I see my midwife today to sort out a birth plan so i will let her know. I`ll let you know how i get on

  • Hi
    Dont be embarrassed! we all have stuff thats not exactly 'talk-over-dinner-able' but thats what this forum is for I thought!
    I know its the case with Herpes (you have to have a C-section if you have a flare up) I know this as I have flare ups every time I'm stressed or run down, I sometimes have it down below, but mostly I get it in the form of painful ulcers on the roof of my mouth that feel like my whole mouth is bruised and I have a fever, headches, aches and pains in my neck and my ears, and pure exhaustion. Its a bit like flu lol! just had it last week. And I owe this pleasure to my DH who suffers coldsores etc and I caught it from him when we met! lucky me. Anyways, I could have to have a C-section, for my first birth I really wanted one! as i was so scared of labour and birth! lol this time I'd rather vaginal birth as the recovery is quicker!

    Anyway I found this, it should put your mind at rest:

    The link is below to the webpage I found it from.

    Most pregnant women, who have previously had genital warts, would be unlikely to have any complications or problems during pregnancy or childbirth. Unlike herpes, transmission of HPV to the baby occurs very rarely during childbirth so that genital warts are not an indication for caesarean-section unless they are so extensive that they restrict the birth canal. Some of the medications used to treat genital warts cannot be used during pregnancy, so it is important to tell your doctor if you could be pregnant."

    WARNING EXPLICIT PICS ON THIS LINK!! Dont look if you are squeamish!

    Emma xxx

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