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things are finally moving

been getting pains since 830am in agony at the mo, but still only 15 mins apart, hope not false alarm as baby is now 3 days over, at midwife at 330 so gonna hold on see her. feel really sick and so un comfy but will be all worth it in the end, anyone else still holding on? xxxx


  • Hi hayley, hope things are starting to move for you, sounds like the real thing to me, suppose you just have to wait till they get closer together now. I have 4 days till my due date and not holding out much hope for a few days early, my first was 6 days late!! Good luck should all be over soon xx
  • Hi Hayley

    Yes i'm either a week over or due today!!! Currently 1-2cm but baby only 1/5 engaged. Am having a reflexology session tomorrow evening to see if that can get things moving as I maybe induced next Monday and I really don't want another induced labour.

    Good luck.

  • in slow labour only 1cm dilated tho so wouldnt give me sweep, got appotiment at hospital tomor to see doctor about getting induced so hubby can be at birth as he works away, but hopfully wont need to appotiment
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