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omg!!!! what have i done????

hiya is there any one who can help me this is abit embarrising im 36+3 pregant this morning me and my partner had sex ive also been having a liitle bits of a show for the past week and been taking rasberry leaf tea well any way we was still lying in bed at dinner time and started to have sex again when we was half way threw i felt water dribbling down my leg i asked my partner if he felf anything he said no so he carried on but then 30sec later alot more came out now im not having any pains but im just worried can any one help me i wet my whole sheet and mattress sorry for all the detail thanks sarahxxx:\?


  • Hi, sounds like your waters breaking, are you having any contractions or other pains? May be worth giving the maternity ward a call and see if they want you to pop in for a check up xx
  • sounds like your waters breaking, mine trickled out first of all then about 5hrs later the rest gudshed out .put a pad on and see if its wet after an hour or so, if it is its likely to be ur waters and give the hospital or midwife a ring they will give you the best advice. good luck

  • thanyou no im not having any pains thats whats worrying me ive just been and put a pad on ow my god im so scared lol i just wish somthing would happen cause i just dont know what to do do you think the pains could come on later??
  • Yep, your waters breaking could just be the start of things so may not be much longer till you get to meet your lo!
    Def get checked out, even if it is just to put your mind at rest.

    I was having regular contractions 5 min apart but not in any real pain and when I got checked out I was 4cm dilated already! I didn't get any painful contractions until about 4 hours before my lo was born and I was 7cm dilated by then! I had accupuncture for pain relief and no drugs and it really wasn't that bad. Fingers crossed it goes easily for you too, whatever happens as soon as you have your lo in your arms it will all be worth it.

    Let us know how you get on! xx
  • ive just rang the midwife and told me to put a pad on and keep cheak of babys movements i will keep u imformed thanku sarah xxx
  • Hi Sarah,

    I hope you are ok. Let us know how you are getting on. I would also think you should go and get it checked out, because you are already that far gone.

    But just as another thought, it could be that you are actually just having a pee, because you are not holding your water very well. I seem to have this problem since I have been about 25 weeks pregnant. Quite often when I start to relax while we are having sex and I am really excited I seem to pass some urin. First I wasn't sure what it was, but unfortunately this is what it is and that sometimes leaves a nice little puddle on the bed. (Sorry, if this was too much information. image)

    Hope all goes well for you. xxx
  • hiya yeah im thinking that but it was clear water still having no pains tho but baby not moving like she usualy does shes usualy alot more active
  • Well, yes mine doesn't seem to smell at all and it also doesn't look yellow or anything, but I am sure it is not holding my water properly as this amount of fluid can't really come from anywhere else. :P

    But if you think your lo isn't moving as much you should definately go and have it checked out.

    I sometimes have the feeling mine doesn't move as much, but he/she usually gets back to normal after a few hours.;20757;450/st/20080816/dt/5/k/9cfa/preg.png

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