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How do you know when baby is is position

Hello Im a little confused, im 38 weeks pregnant today and im hoping to go into labour soon so me and my OH are trying the old wife tales to bring my cntraction on sex , nipple simulation , eating pinapples etc etc but someone told me that all of that does not work unless your baby is in positioned. Dropped down into the birthing canel or something. My bump has never been high up but i keep feeling her drop down and her head moving alot and a little pressure down there but im not sure if she is in the position or not so how can i tell ??




  • I think the only way to tell for sure if babies head is engaging is letting the midwive have a good old feel of ur tummy wen u next go and see her. Although feeling pressure down there is a good sign that baby is getting into position and all is well. Good luck with trying to bring on ur labour, i had no success with all the "DIY" attempts wen i was expecting my son, so let us know if anything works for u. Kerry xxx

  • Hi, I'm 38 weeks too and last visit was only 2 fifths engaged but my midwife says that it's quite normal with tight (or first time) tummy muscles not to be fully engaged (i.e. 5 fifths) even when labour begins. She said not to worry and that the contractions would shift the baby into place just fine! It's put my mind at rest; I hope it reassures you too. Good luck! Claire
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