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rite birth story
baby grace decided she wanted to try and make her entrance into the world onfriday the 25th jan wasnt born till the 30th omg five days she was 7 days overdue makin mummy really sore by contractin but not dilateing 4 times i went to that hospital think oh its it but 3 times i got sent home by wednesday mornin i was 4cms dilated and i was screamin at the midwifes for an epidural and my god were they scared talkin 2 me from the door lol i had loads of gas and air before epidural went in i also had a huge list of pain killers lol
codine paracetamol meptid gas and air pethadine epidural lol god im such girl was in established labor for 13 hrs nearly on sinoxin 2 regulate conractions then had waters broke nothin came out was all baby
then had a doc come see me and examined she said baby was op and had her head deflexed so she was stuck in my pelvis
she decided to try forceps they didnt work so had a c section and her shoulders her stuck and cord round her neck it was horrible but as soon as her funny shaped head entered the world she cryed 3 mins past five she was born and she was perfect had blue feel and looked like a smurf but absolutly stunnin my oh was nerly cryin so sweet she wayed 7 pound 11 and had a 34cm head i had 2 have a blood transfusion cos my iron went down too 6.1do really bad amemic and passed outimage
my scar is so small and belly gettin back 2 normal SPD has dissapered which is great
my OH is a god send so exitable lol loves his nappy changes i hae had 2 pooey bums he has had the rest i loves my little family 2 peices
hope everyone is ok with their little ones


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