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Hi All

I'm five weeks away from my due date and am quite keen on using water for pain relief as I have spd and warm baths soothe that so figure will prob help in labour too... but I have now started to consider it for the whole birth... has anyone any info on water births/done it or know anyone who has - all info would be gratefully rec'd...

Only down side I guess is that its not guaranteed if the pool is being used by someone else....


Amy & Bump :?


  • Hello Amy , im thinking about using the brth pool for pain relief too bu im not sure about having the baby in the pool. Im trying not to get my heart set on it thou as you cant defo get the pool if its in use so me and my OH are just going to go with the flow. im 38 weeks pregs and baths are the best thing when your feeling comfy. Good luck with the birth x
  • hi i cant recommend the pool enough. i got in and felt immediately at ease and more relaxed. was a lovely part of labour. i didnt have baby in there due to complications but i plan to the same this time so hoping its free when the time comes! Hayley 8+4 xxx
  • Hi my home water birth was the best day of my life! I had a very experienced midwife who didn't examine me at all and I just stayed in the pool on all fours with my head down nearly in the water breathing through the contractions and not needing any other pain relief. (I had spd too)
    It was such an enjoyable experience!!!! My baby was face up so at the last minute hubby got in behind me to help me turn onto my back and my daughters head came out with the next push. So, there we all were just chatting away, laughing and taking photos for 2 1/2 minutes with this face just looking up at us then the rest of her body just slid out. After 2 forceps deliveries it was so fantasatic to push my own baby out! My daughter is the most chilled out calm little baby! You should definately go for it!! xx
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