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membrane sweep

hiya! really need sum advice im 38weeks pregnant as of 2day (2nd child) n got a midwife appointment 2moro can i ask for a membrane sweep or do i have 2 b over due? :\?


  • I don't think any midwives will do a sweep at 38 weeks, for a second child they tend to only do them at 41 weeks, depending on the area. xx
  • You can always ask hun. I think it will be up to the MW to decide - so you may get lucky.

    I begged and cried at my MW to get her to do a sweep at 40+2 when I was pregnant first time, and she begrudgingly agreed, but she did say that tey don't like to prod and poke too much because of the risk of infection.
  • thanx! went 2day but didnt end up askin lol the babies jus about engaged so i guess ill hav 2 wait it out!! hope she gets a move on tho im gettin very impatient lol
  • thats wot i did 2day lol but so far only braxton hicks! ill keep tryin tho lol
  • I've got a sweep booked for next Tues and I'll be 39 weeks then!
  • I am having a sweep this afternoon but I am 40 weeks exactly! This Baby seems far to comfortable! I am more than ready to meet him or her now. I know how frustrated you all must be image
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