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babys head engaged at 34 weeks

Doea this mean he could come ealier????? :\?


  • I think I asked the same question as you! My baby engaged early and I thought she would come early, but im still here at 39+2 and they've booked my induction date for aug 7th. Argh!! If i were you I would try not to think he will come early as Ive thought that all the way through the pregnancy and now feel really fed up and deflated that im still here!
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • Not really hun, both my two engaged early and I ended up being term+
  • nope, ds was 2/5ths from 33weeks, he never engaged any further and didn't arrive until 40+6 x

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  • Agree with the other ladies - my DS was engaged 2/5ths+ from 32 weeks and arrived 39+4...x
  • hi my babys 4/5ths of the way down, ive just had my show and more b/h and backach , what feels like period pains sharp pelvic pains... im 2 days away from being 37 weeks pregnant... i just want it to hurry up , haha!! anyone eluse haveing the same ?:\)
  • I wish it did... mine has been engaged 2/5 since about 31 weeks. I'm now 41 weeks exactly and no sign of bubs appearing. Induction booked for 41+5...
  • my dd wasnt engaged at all at 32+2 and she then arrived at 32+5 so no indication at all sorry
  • Abby engaged at about 32 weeks - and was eventually born at 40+7 so no indication at all really - especially for a first baby.
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