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Birth pool broken!

I was really set on having a water birth, i have been calm all the way through about labour cos ive known exactly what i want to try ( am aware that it doesnt always go to plan) but i have just had this sense of calm confidence about it.

I knew the pool at my hospital was broke but was told it would be fixed before June and now they're saying it wont be fixed until september!!!! so thats my birth plan out of the window!!!! :cry:

now im panicking about it big time! am tempted to see about moving hospitals...but im so close to my due date now i think that would be silly, and i know my hospital has a good rep!! dont know what to do!! :?
Lis x x


  • hey honey, you can hire one and take it with you. ask your midwives and if you google it there are loads of hire companys with prices ranging from ??90, or you can buy your own inflatable one....

    have no idea whats best to choose though as am negotiating this confusing minefield myself but don't give up all is not lost.

    figners crosed for you, em xxx
  • I remember the tour we had at the hospital they said you couldnt take your own in because of safety regulations. im going to ask at my mw apt on tuesday. thanks hun
  • Hi how about a home water birth? Mine was the best day of my life! There are so many advantages to a home birth and you will get your water birth too. Just an idea...x
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