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4 weeks but will i be early?

hi all, well im due on the 24th of march but as my mum was due same time and had me 2 weeks early will this be the same for my baby.....
im 22 and either way will be 22 still or 23 once baba is born.
over all im not really happy how have been treated by nhs as had me two scans but saw no midife untill 25 weeks i had to make the contact with them and still now me being 36weeks gone dont seem to be getting much help... ie no regular appointments and real information given to me despite being a first time mum....

but over all im deciding on no pain relief or medical intervention if can be helped............ would love a home birth as believe i would be most happiest at home but so far nothing has been said...

anyone else experienced anything similar i know the midwifes do a great job but there is a big lack of where i live and has even been bought up in the news.


  • Sorry you have had such a bad time, its a disgrace not to see a MW till 25 weeks!!!!!
    As for going early [im due the day after you!] it has nothing to do with how your mum/sister etc went, everyone is differant, you could go the full 10 days over and have to be induced [though im sure you hope not. x]
    Big hugs, i personally wouldnt even contemplate a homebirth if there wasnt sufficient MW support behind you, though it should be down to choice and not the lack of services forced upon you.
    Come over the "due in March" we have some lovely mummys there who will be great at offering you advice. xxxx
  • If you want to see the midwife more just tell her its YOUR pregnancy and they are there for YOU!
    And if you would like a homebirth TELL THEM it is your right and they must support you!
    I had a homebirth with my first and it was FAB and honestly if there is a shortage of midwives the best place to be is at home as you get 2 midwives to yourself and the best care possible,
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