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3rd stage of Labour/ delevering placenta

I had the injection too. Like Wenders its all a bit of a blur, but according to my discharge papers, the 3rd stage took just 6 minutes.
I remember being shown the placenta afterwards, and the midwifes commenting on it looking so healthy when it just looked yukky to me!! lol. Good luck... x


  • Hello Ladies!!!
    I have 3 days to go until my due date and was wondering what others had opted for the third stage of labour, did you deliver the placenta naturally or did you have the injection to help prevent excessive bleeding and deliver the placenta quickly?? How did it go?? would apreciate any views...
  • I had the injection to speed it up... I'mso glad I did as by then I'd had enough and all i wanted to do was feed my new baby then goto sleep!!! lol :\) Tbh It's all a blur but I don't think it took that long.

    I'll be doing the same thing again with this one.. x
  • Hi Laura

    I delievered my placenta naturally - I put down on my birthplan that I wanted the injection but because I had such a "textbook" labour, my midwife suggested having a go at delivering it naturally. It didn't hurt, although the contractions were a bit uncomfortable but it did take a while (about 20 - 30 mins) I did get to spend some time with my lo straight after the 2nd stage but had to hand her over to my hubby to walk around and concentrate on getting the 3rd stage over with - so in hindsight I would probably rather have had the injection. Good luck xxx
  • I was sick shortly after giving birth which i put down to the shock/adrenaline from giving birth cos i was shaking from head to toe as well. My mw later said it was more likely the injection. Still, i think like Starfly said it might be better to get it over with than spend half an hour trying to get it out, well done for going au naturel tho Sarah!
  • With my first i had the injection and cant remember feeling a thing really. Second i decided to do it naturally but they tried to pull it out while it was still attached- so painful!!! Had my 3rd yesterday and i dont think they gave me a choice! I wasnt asked if she could give me the needle so i assume she didnt inject me with anything. That time it didnt take long though and i was still holding baby while it came out- didnt hurt at all.
    Just go with the flow- see how the labour bit goes then decide x

  • Thanx for the info!!
    I think Im just going to go with the flow and see how it goes! have 2 days left until Im due cant wait to get it all over and done with!!! Hopefully it wont be long now!!!!
    Laura xxx
  • Hi

    I had sytometrine injection with my first. It made me quite sick. One of the side attects midwives dont tell you. Also can make your blood pressure go up.

    The 2nd and 3rd i had a natural delivery of placenta physiologoical. they went fine and only took 10 minutes max.

    If you want this type must of had normal vaginal birth. No epidural no hormonal drip to induce/speed labour.

    good luck
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