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can you go into labour if baby isn't engaged yet?

Im 39+3 today and have had so many signs of going into labour. Including really bad uncomfortable tightenings all over the belly. baby doesn't feel that low at the mo' but seems like she keeps moving up then down!? and MW said head not engaged but I am just wondering if you can start labour if baby is not engaged? This is my 3rd pregnancy. 2 boys already. Im having a little girl now!!


  • mmm not sure sorry
  • Hello, my midwive always used to tell me that a lot of babies heads actually dont engage until labour, so I wouldnt worry too much. You will soon know when they engage with the pressure on your bladder!! Hope this helps and good luck xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    Same here i'm 40+2 and baby still not engaged although cervix 1-2cm dilated. Am booked for an induction review on 4th June and as my daughter's birthday is 6th June am desperately hoping that labour will start before then!!!

    I think some babies don't descend until you go into labour??? Good luck.

  • Yep can go a long way into labour without fullt engaging! Ds was still really high when I needed to push and midwives wanted to get doc in to see me but he was so determined to arrive that I had to push anyway - 35 mins from start to finish!
  • hi my baby didnt engage until i went into labour. my first baby too. xx
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