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3 days overdue on my bday :(

hi all, im just having a quick moan because today is my birthday, im 3 days overdue and no signs of baby coming yet. had membrane sweep on friday and it obviously didnt work. i just feel like baby never going to arrive and to top things off im in agony. hope ure all having a better day thanme! xxx


  • hi lynsay happy birthday!!! i was due on sat still no entrance and today i feel really fed up and tired, i have a sweep tomo but not holding my breath as pretty much everyone i have spoke to say they dont work!! i really hope you start of today some time, what a perfect b day prezzie that would be, take care and keep us posted xx
  • Happy Birthday Lynsay! I hope things start moving for you soon, the agony could be a sign especially after your sweep.
    Denise xxx
  • Happy birthday Lyns, try and keep ya chin up image
  • Happy Birthday!! I know how you feel, I was due on 17th and still no sign of Jnr making an appearence. This is my second baby and was induced last time and had a terrible experience, am begining to loose all faith that it will happen on its own. Keep smiling though, all good things do come to those who wait. Xx
  • happy birthday lynsay,hope things happen for you soon,try and not worry too much!!
  • Happy Birthday Lynsay, hope things get moving soon. Take care, Tracy xxx
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