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list to get things moving

hi, can we please have a list of how to get things moving for the overdue mums2b, any tips on what worked for you or just something youv'e heard of.

nipple stimulation is one, not sure if it works but with past experience it used to make baby wriggle a bit!

michelle xx


  • These are the only ones I know of:

    -fresh pineapple (lots of it!!)
    -hot curries
    -nipple stimulation (at least 15mins each nipple 3x a day)
    -castor oil (tried & wouldnt recommend!!)

    In saying this I was still 4 days overdue!! If I think of anymore I'll let you know.

  • Using Clary Sage essential oil, a few drops in the bath or Rasberry leaf tea/tablets.
    I tried everything from 37 weeks and he was born 3 days late, at the time I resigned myself to the fact that they will come when they are ready!
  • yeah you are right that they will come when they are ready, mine have all been late too!
    but you have to try these things just to keep you going cos i know it drives me mad when go over. xx
  • i used rasberry leaf caps, evening primrose caps, fresh pineapple, sex and bouncing up and down lightly on the spot!
    my first 2 were really late and i did nothing, all the above i tried with my third and he was 3 days early. might have been early anyway but ill be doing it all again if i got preggers again lol
  • my mw said all apart from the nipple thing are old wifes tales. She said they will come when they want to. You may just have to wait a little longer.x x
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