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Has anyone had a c-section due to baby being breech?

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone on here has got to around 37 weeks and baby was stilll breech and therefore had a planned c-section?

I've still got loads of time for baby to move but it's just got me thinking.

If she is still breech at 37 weeks I really dont want them to try and turn her as have heard awful stories about it!

Thank you,
Amy xxx


  • One of the girls on another forum I go on was booked in for a c section as her baby was breach but the baby moved the night before the section!! I think there is plenty of time for your baby to turn xxx
  • hi Amy
    My baby was still breech at 37+2 and the consultant decided it was best in my case to have planned C-section in week 38. My baby was predicted to be large, over 9 pound, plus they thought I had pregnancy related diabetes. All these factors made it safer for baby and me to have C-section. The baby's birth weight turned out to be higher than the scan showed. He was 10 pound 6.

    I did have plans for natural birth, TENS, water bath etc. But under the circumstances, I had to do what was best for baby.

    Hope this helps you.
  • Oh Gina, can i just say your baby is so beautiful!
    He was quite a bit bigger than what they estimated then!
    I hope everything went well with your c-section.

    Babydevil, your friend was lucky! The night before! Wow!
    There is lots of time for mine to move yet. Just wondered how it works if she was to stay breech xx
  • Hi my lo was breech i went in to try & get her turned it really wasn't to bad they gave me a muscle relaxant then put loads of talc on my tum (gives the dr a better grip) then they scan to see baby is ok while they are trying turn,my lo wouldn't budge dr said she was like a egg in a egg cup so went in a week after to have a section,if it happeded again i wouldn't try to get lo turned not because it was horrible but just because if their going to turn id rather baby just did it themselves i tried this time because she was my 1st & i really wanted a natural birth but having a section really wasn't as bad as i thought it would be i had her on the wednesday was out on the friday,shopping on the saturday Good luck hope everything goes to plan xo
  • My mum told me that i was breach and back to front, i am really hoping that my baby is not going to be so awkward! Lol!
  • Oh Gina, can i just say your baby is so beautiful!
    He was quite a bit bigger than what they estimated then!
    I hope everything went well with your c-section.

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your compliment about my baby. His large size astonished all family members on both sides - I am only 5 foot nothing. image The C-section went really well, thanks for asking. I was nervous before hand. It had helped to look up the internet for information about the surgery itself and what to expect afterwards. I wish I had known about this BabyExpert site before the C-section. There's nothing like first-hand recent experience to tell it like it is.

    I did ask whether the consultant could do my C-section, but in the end it was a registrar (not yet a consultant) who did the surgery. He was a humble man and seems like he's done a good job. Having accepted that C-section is major surgery and that I should expect some discomfort etc, my only gripe is that on the recovery ward, the bed I was in had no grab rail and it was a nightmare trying to get out of bed. The lady in the next bed had a bed with grab rail and she had no trouble getting out of bed. The MW asked me to remove the wound dressing in the shower the next day, but the shower was not a walk in shower. It was one over a bath. Getting in and out of that made me really dizzy. They also put the breakfast down just out of reach so I struggled to heave myself into sitting position in order to eat. Anyway those are small things to put up with and long forgotten, now I have a healthy baby to keep me occupied.

    Gina xxx
  • hi, i am 39 wekks today and my baby is in the breech position i am having an elective c section on tue to ensure a safe delivery. I refused to have the baby turned which was no way an easy decision as i am needle phobic and the thought of a c section did send me into a nervous wreck. However, i am lucky enough to have an excellant team of Dr's who have reasured me. I have also done hpnotherapy as i was planning on a 'hypnobirth' but i have found the techniques very usefull in calming me down!! If not to be used in the actual birth!!
  • How did your c-section go annajumaizie!?!

    Well I think my baby is getting comfy as she is still in the breech position. I'm going for a scan in 2 weeks to see if she is still breech then.

    Thank you for all your replys, you've all be really helpful!

    Amy xxx
  • Hi Amy, Just to let you know that I've replied to your post in the Pregnancy forum. If you have any questions, do let me know. I will be on-line later on today, provided baby doesn't make an appearance! Rhian
  • I am 36 weeks and 2 days and my baby is still breech, they are telling me her bum is well down so i dont think they will be able to turn her which is the worse, , but i am thinking of section but its worryin me
  • i had an emergancy c-section due to 'undiagnosed breech.' i was 5cm dilated when i was examined and they found that she was breech and things were moving along fast so i was rushed through for the section..which was fine and the needle was the last thing on my mind (i acctually didnt feel it at all) prob because the contractions were so intense. im a bit disapointed though because i asked my midwife a few times if baby was in the right position because i could feel a hard lump high up when baby was moving and she was convinced that it was babies bum...turns out it was her head after all.

  • I've got 2 friends who've had breech babies. Both opted to try and get the babies turned, one was succsessful, (normal birth) and the other wasn't (c-section). But they said it wasn't too bad.
    Good luck x
  • Hi Amy. I had an ECV with my first as she was breech. It's really not that bad and it if it works, like it did for me, it saves you having to have a c-section. I would definitely have this again if my second baby is breech. The thought of a c-section terrifies me. Hopefully your little one will turn before you need to worry about this though xx
  • Its been a while since anyone posted on this website!  My son was breech at 37 weeks, I also had the complication of placenta previa.  I started to bleed in the afternoon and was delivered by c-section by 8pm.  It was very quick, with no stress involved, the staff at the hospital where fantastic and I was not worried at all.  My son will be 20 this year.  Medicine has advanced greatly since my son was born.  There is no need to worry, don't stress, if there are any compictions, they are dealt with swiftly.  C-section is nothing to worry about, don't feel cheated, you still have a baby at the end of it ;0)

  • Hi ladies,

    I am 34 weeks today and my baby is breech. My doctor wants me to schedule c section a week BEFORE the due date. I read that some babies turn last moment, so I a don't understand why a week earlier. Doctor said to avoid emergancy C-section, as the cord may be delivered first when/if water brakes and I go in labor. How common is that and did any of you have their c-sections a week before due date?

  • I was worry about my wife because she 37 weeks and my baby is breech but now I got idea and I'm VERRY happy because I read every one comment SO THANK YOU EVRRY ONE you guys are make my mind fresh!!!!!!
  • Thank you VERRY Much SGS
  • hi i went to my midwife on tuesday and she thinks my baby is breech cause when she was feeling were my pubic bone was she said it felt squidegey she didn't no if it was his head or bum because at top of my belly is hard  so shes booked me in for a scan on monday and she said my baby hasn't got much room to move i was 36 weeks and 5 days measuring 38 weeks now im 37 weeks today will they see how much he weighs when i go for my scan and how long is it till they book you inn for c sec if it is babys bum in my canal will they try and move him 

  • HI guys,

    Im 37 weeks today and am booked in for a c section next wednesday @ 38 weeks, Im ok with the c section. My boy has been breech for months and months now and wondering if there is any chance of him turning before next week? To be realy honest with you I really hope he doesnt turn.

    Every movement i feel i stress that hes turning. What are yo opinoins on him turning before next week?

  • @Kylie69...

    I'm in a similar situation (36 weeks and breech). The odds of your babe turning go down every day. After 37 weeks, the odds are pretty slim. It also depends on the size of the baby in comparison to you (does he have room to turn?) and how much amnio fluid you have (I'm low, so my baby doesn't have the fluidity to turn). You will know if he turns friends who've gone through it say it's very dramatic and you will probably vomit if you've eaten recently. 

    I totally agree that it's stressful to have a c-section planned and then worry that the baby will turn. Now that I'm scheduled for a c in 3 weeks, I don't want him to turn...I just want to know what to expect! 

    Regardless, if both you and he are healthy, that's all that matters. Good luck!! 

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