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Hi, question about TENS Machines!

Hi ladies. I'm due in June with my first - twins.....

I was just thinking about TENS machines. I'm currently pondering on whether to get one or not and could do with some advice if you don't mind.

Has anyone used one before or thinking about getting one?

My MW said they don't suit everyone and was wondering how anyone who has used them has found them.... helpful or not?

Many thanks in advance!



  • I got one cheap on eBay (about ??30, roughly what you would pay to hire one) and it was really helpful. I got to 7-8 cm with just that, and I didn't know how much it was helping until I took it off and then I definitely noticed the difference.

    I would say that for the price it is worth getting or hiring one. I think you can hire them from both Boots online and Mothercare.
  • I used one with my first I had to keep turning mine up as it was doing nothing for me in the end it just became really annoying and I got the midwife to take it off,
  • I'm 41+2!! now so i haven't had cance to use it yet !! but i will let you know if it was any help. But i hired mine for ??18 including P&P.
  • Hi,

    I used a TENS machine when I was in labour with my dd and found it really helped. My labour was quite long (28 hours) and I used the TENS machine for about 24 hours before they decided that I just wasn't dilating enough and that they were going to have to put me on a drip to make it happen faster. At that point they said that I had to have an epidural so the TENS machine had to come off!

    I'm pg again and have just bought myself a Babycare Elle TENS machine (one I used in my 1st pregnancy) from it for about ??40 including postage which is near enough what I paid to hire it first time around! Thought if I bought one this time, I've got it for next time!!!

    Jaimep xx:\)
  • i got one rent free from my hosp. it half worked and i didnt find it useful at all. a waste of time for me

  • I think that my TENS was the best ??30 I have ever spent. It was a total life saver, and I managed with just that and G&A (despite being induced with a drip - and EVERYONE saying that I would need an epidural),

    It felt very strange at first (a bit like intense pins and needles) but I got used to that pretty quick (make sure you start on the lowest setting, and build up gradually - i tried going up through the levels too fast, as the contractions were getting worse - and found it a bit unpleasent).

    Also make sure you use the correct (boost/burst) settings - I found that when I forgot to switch between them (I DID have my mind on other things at the time!!) that the next contraction was MUCH worse, (so I know that it really was helping, even though I hadn't realised before).

    Anyway, it's not a magic cure (giving birth still hurts) but for me it made the pain easier to cope with. It does feel strange - but personally I would rather have the strange feeling than the pain any day!

    Good Luck Hunny!
    Nikki and Abby (8 days old)
  • Hi. I only used a TENS and G&A. The TENS was a great help at the begining, especially before I got to hospital. But when I was on the G&A I was too out of it to remember to turn it up & press the button.

    I rented mine for ??10 from local childrens center & got ??5 of that back!!

    Hope it all goes well
    Yvette x
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