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Burst of energy!!!

Hi everyone

Just wondered...has anyone actually experienced this so called burst of energy that you are supposed to get towards the end of pregnancy? I'm due a week tomorrow and have no energy at all image



  • YES!!! But unfortunatly im 'nesting' so im constantly running around cleaning and tidying things, so not the best way to spend my time, it does make me happy though when all the cleaning is done image I hope you get some energy soon!!

    Hannah 38+5 xxx
  • i've been feeling great this past 2weeks! its really strange!!im also nesting, making sure everythings done and ready for baby..!!
  • I got this at 36 weeks (had loads of energy and started nesting like crazy!) but it has totally left me now - all I want to do is lie on the sofa and eat crisps all day. It's a shame because after spending 2 weeks making my house look lovely - it is now filling up with crisp packets, dirty laundry and washing up! I really had better get off my bum and do something about it really!

    Lots of love
    A very lazy Nikki
  • im 37 weeks 38 on thursday, have most of babys stuff in cubard but all wont fit so sum is still in sacks,i always tidying the bathroom cleaning the sink each time i use the loo.also have burst of energy getting up 8ish each morning thinking its like 11 even on a sunday.ppl fink im mad..

    i just want her out now :d
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