11 week old STILL feeding 2 hourly

Hi all,

 my 11 week old baby is still wanting to be fed every 2 hours in the daytime - does anyone else have this too? My 1st daughter was the same but I ended up switching to formula at about 3 1/2 months due to personal insecurities about growth & feeding times (total rubbish but was not encouraged by HV's to keep going). She is definately hungry as she roots lots and screams if she's not fed. She wont take a dummy as she hates anything unnatural in her mouth!

I want to BF for as long as I can but we're quite active in the days as I get cabin fever in our flat with an overactive 4 yr old who's into everything and find it hard to just keep feeding! It makes no difference if we're out and about and she's in the pram!

I seem to also be constantly feeding at teatime and I can only hope and pray for a whole night's sleep eventually!!!

 Any tips would be great! Thank you xx


  • my little girl is 6 mths now but when she was that age i was feeding her evry 1 to 2 hrs! i dont know of any tips to change it realy as i think its part and parcel of breastfeeding-i am still trying to stop bf-i just cant get my baby to even suck a bottle. my only tip would b -if u do want to stop id do it now as my daughter is now so estsblished on breast she just wont entertain the idea of a bottle and im stil so tied to her.on.the plus side ive lost al my baby weight and am slimmer than b4!
  • hey just wondered if you've tried alternate feeding so using a bottle and bf, there are some really good bottles out there by avent and tommie tippee that have bottles to represent a breast as you say your little girl isn't to keen on a dummy, what type of dummy have you tried just curious as my friends son only took to a particular one and so did my son. luckily for me charlie took well to the bottle after breastfeeding him for 3 1/2 months i reluctantly had to stop as i could not keep up with him cause he was such a hungry baby and formula satisfied him completely.

    you are doing a great job and no one would think any less of you if you did decide to stop, you've got to do whats right for you and your family, hope that helps if i think of anything else i'll give you a shout x

  • If bf is particularly  a problem at one time of the day,teatime and bath bedtime was always a problem for me,would baby take a bottle at that time,or whatever time would help you most.My number 4 had just one bottle from 6 weeks,just to give me time to do the dinner,bath the others and get them all in bed.All of mine used to feed constantly during the evening,but then settled well at night.I found the Tommee Tippee bottle good for combining both bf and bottlefeeding.You don't have to stop altogether,it is okay to use formula to top up feeds or just give one or two formula feeds if it helps
  • Hiah, I agree with the others maybe try alternate between breast and bottle-my youngest fed every 2 hours and he was bottle fed,was a nightmare,h.v said he needed it so carry on,had a huge bag with loads of bottles just for simple trip out.

    The tommee tippee bottles are excellent. Good luck

  • Hi, My baby is 10 weeks old and for feeds every 2 hours but feeds last for over an hour each time, after winding nappy change and play its time to feed again! I really enjoy the cuddles but feel bad for my little girl whos 6 as I don't get to spend much time with her.  I'm hoping feeds will get shorter and that he'll go longer between feeds soon, another plus side is that he usually goes to sleep about 9pm and goes through to 3am so i suppose he's just making up the food in the day for that lovely long sleep we get.
  • you could try expressing but also with the hot weather she is probably thirsty so unfortunately will end up feeding regulary, as gets older and stomach gets bigger should eventually go longer i have found expression does make them go between longer.

    there are some good websites that give you info about helping express without effecting bf.

  • Perhaps you could express in the mornings when your milk is generally more prevalent. It should also increase your flow and provide emergency 'top-ups' for if you want to go out and leave baby with someone else.
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