The use of the YouTube channels for kids!

Have you ever experienced being so hard to stop kids from You Tube watching? My kids are so addicted to You Tube.

 I am actually a stay home mum since my first boy was born. He got a sleeping problem so I quit my job and stayed home full time to look after him. First kid got all the attention, we can read books and play all day without watching TV or You Tube. Then second kid came along, my workload doubled up. So I do let them watch more TV and YouTube kids channel.

Then I realize they could not stop themselves. I wonder why they enjoy watching YouTube. Most channels are not properly produced, some even silly. I think Kids TV channel are way better and organized program. I know it because both my hubby and I was from Media Production background. 

I think one reason is because kids enjoy the freedom of letting themselves to choose what they want to watch. 

Secondly, most of the channels are produced and acted by an ordinary people. So it's more connected to themselves which make them belief they can be one of them to be there. 

For all these reasons, We actually started our own kids channel on YouTube called AJ Toys Buddy! 

We promote hanging out with toys buddy more often to balance internet life and social life.I hope we can give something good to your kids when come to watch You tube kids Channel!      
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