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sperm analyis help

heya ladies well DH had his sperm results back yesterday and im not sure what to think!

we went to the GP who was quite unhelpful TBH, hes requested a repeat sample to compare to but im in limbo as i dont know what the results mean and if they are good or bad.

The GP saw us for 5 mins and sent us packing! please help





rapid progression 28%

slow progression 17%

non-progressive motility 21%

immotile 34%




CELLS= normal

please help me understand if these are good/bad





  • can anyone help please? xx
  • I have our results which (usefully) list the WHO normal criteria too. I'll list them.

    Volume 2-4 mls

    Viscosity Low

    Aggutination 20million/ml

    Sperm motility Rapid >25%

    Progressive >49%

    Motile Concentration (million/ml) >8

    Sperm morphology

    Ideal forms >15%

    Anti-sperm antibodies IgA <20%

    IgG <20%

    Round cells

    Leuc (million/ml) <5

    Germinal cell (") <5

    Everything looks normal to me, except the morphology. I think it should be over 15% and your list says 4%?? Some things don't match our list exactly, but its a good comparison. I'm not sure how important morphology is?? Hope its all ok xx
  • hiya windy miller thanks for replying to my desperate post!

    ive read online that the morphology is the shape of the sperm, and that ideally it should be above 10% but Hubbys is only 4% image

    he has a repeat SA next month so were going to really push a big change to see if we can increase his results at all x
  • hi, glad I could help- on the plus side, his sperm density and volume are huge! So if he produces 6mls, rather than 2mls, thats trebled the number of morphologically normal sperm he produces! So that must help?? Its all a guideline after all. I wouldn't be too worried, as you hear about men with virtually no sperm farthering children!
  • yeah i thought that!

    why is the volume so large if they say above 2 lol

    our GP seemed concerned regarding the 0.4% morphology hence why were having a repeat test! so this alone has me worried about why they want to retest x
  • Hey dummymummy,

    I have just read your post and wanted to say that we have just finished all the tests and initally, when we got hubby's SA back, we were a bit concerned because although his count was very high, the motility and morphology was 2% and 3%.

    He's since repeated the test a few times (for comparison and once because the person entering the details entered the wrong date so for precautionary reasons, he had to redo it)and each time we have seen a doctor(5 different doctors in total), they have each said not to worry about the low morphology and motility percentage because in fact, it's not as bad as it seems when the sperm count is high.

    We have been placed on the IVF waiting list but the doctors are positive that we probably won't end up needed it. Don't know about that, but well, it's always best to try to think positively.

    Also, hubby was recomended to take zinc and selenium vitamins which he takes everyday. It's supposed to increase quality etc and when he went for the last lot of results, the motility and morpholgy percentage had gone up by 7-10% so if your hubby isn't taking the vitamins already, it might be worth a shot to see if there is any improvement in the next sample results (taking into account that the male body produces a 'fresh batch' of semen every 70 days I think it is).

    Good luck image
  • p.s. you can buy a box of 'selenium Ace' from Boots (in the vitamin section) and he can also take an extra supplement of Zinc which can either be bought in Holland and Barratt or in the Multivitamins tubs.

    Hubby takes vitamins especially aimed for men which he bought in Tesco for about ??5 if not a bit less depending on the box size.
  • daisyb76 thank you for your reply. Its so daunting all this TTC!!

    How long have you been TTC?

    Hubbys been taking vitamins for approx two months now a multi-vit including zinc and vitamin c/d/e lol

    He doesnt take selenium though- ive never heard of this! how much does your hubby take xx
  • It is all a bit mind boggling!!

    We've been ttc for nearly 4 years but we did have one bfn which sadly ended in a mc at 8 weeks. That was exactly two years ago.

    Not sure how much selenium hubby takes, just whatever comes in the vitamin box (will ask him).

    Whoever thought it would all be so complicated ay!!
  • lol @ daisy!

    yeah its a complete minefield, if we'd have know it would take us this long we'd have started much earlier. Were both only 26/27 but have longed for a baby since i was teens :S

    time will tell if we've done it this month- otherwise its back to docs for more SA x
  • I always knew it would take me long to conceive. Even though we have 'unexplained infertility' and there is nothing physically wrong with me, I always had a hunch I would be in this for the long haul, although admittedly, I never thought I would still be trying after nearly 4 years.

    It's just as well we get a 2WW cause after so long, I'm surprised I still have the energy to walk straight!!! image
  • hehe daisy! good luck for future TTC hun xx
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