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New One

Hi All,

Just thought I would introduce myself.

I have been ttc for 2 years. I first started looking at the "trying to conceive" forum back in the early days and expected to fall pregnant within just a few months...2 years on, I am now signing up to write on the "long-term TTC & infertility" forum...not how I had planned it!!!

In those 2 years I have not had one sniff of a pregnancy.

I eventually went to GP in September and she did some prelimanary tests which came back saying I was ovulating. Hubby then did his test which came back fine. I have had my 1st appt. at hospital where consultant sent me for blood tests which had to be taken on day 2 - 4 of period - he said blood tests were for Rubella status and chlymdia but not sure why I had to have test on these specific days - were they testing for something else?

On Tuesday I am going to have a post coital test and a mid cycle scan, followed with an appt. with consultant to talk through all the test results. If everything as it should be he is going to prescribe clomid.

Any advice on these two tests or clomid side effects and success rates would be great. Would be nice to chat to people who are in the same boat. Sick of getting the same response from people who have children "it will happen - try not to stress". Just feel like saying "you try contemplating your life child free and all your hopes and dreams going out of the window and see if you can stay stress free!!!"

Anyway that's me.

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  • Hi Mrs Tibby,

    Sorry you're here, but "welcome" (in the nicest possible way!)

    We're 2 yrs ttc too. Had m/c last Sept, but nothing before, or since.

    I am also due to start clomid next month (appt on 17th) for pcos. Cross fingers for us, either before or once on it!!

    I had day 2-4 bloods done too, but they were for follicle stimulating hormone- I suppose that gives them an idea where the issue lies if you are not ovulating. I was tested for all the chlamidia, rubella etc at day 7.

    There are a few threads on here and on pcos forum about clomid side effects. I read that it can give you pregnancy-like symptoms in the 2week wait, so at least you can ignore the symptom spotting, as it should be expected! But also some people have complained of headaches.

    According to the literature I have read, the most common side-effect of taking clomid is resulting in multiple births. But even that is a low occurance (8-10% I think).

    Let us know when you might be startinf treatment-maybe we'll be cycle buddies??!!
  • Hi Windy (mmm should I be shortening that?!)

    Thanks for your reply.

    If all goes ok on Tuesday (Cycle Day 14) I hope to be starting on Clomid early part of January. Although at the moment I am praying that the weather gets better as I am going to a hospital about 50 miles away (I work at the local one and really didn't want to be spotted by nosey colleagues in the Infertility clinic!) and if the snow doesn't go I might struggle to get there. Will be gutted if I have to cancel.

    Has anyone on here had to have a Post Coital Test before?..I can't find any threads about them and not sure it's that common a test. Ooo how I love to do some timed and planned BDing....just adds to the romance doesn't it!!!???
  • Haha! Windy is fine, its actually my nickname, as my maiden name starts with Wind (and I'm a veggie!). Then I married a Miller, so Windymiller is "our" nickname!

    Hope you manage to get to your appt, I was worryig too, as I hadn't heard about my follow-up appt and thought if tried to make an appt in Jan now, it would be too late, but they had just forgotten to send me a letter about my appt on 17th! Phew!

    I don't know anything about post-coital tests-is that to establish if the environment in your cervix is unsuitable for dh's sperm? pH, antibodies etc?

    I've always found in the past that the search function on BE is pretty rubbish, but it might be better now on the new site?

  • Yes for the Post Coital Test you have to BD a maximum of 12 hours before appt. but minimum of 4 hrs. Then they take a swap of cervical muscus to see how the sperm is reacting in it. They take it to the lab and analyse it whilst I am there so then you can get the results the same day, which is good I suppose as I hate waiting!

    Hoping the train is still running tomorrow morning...will get me there about an hour and a half to early but I don't care!!
  • Hi, I am at the same stage as you two! staring clomid in Janu. Had first appointment with specialist last week. Had two sets of bloods done: low progestrone indicating I a not ovulating.... OH sperm analysis is all fine. Also had a transvaginal scan and I am being checked for rubella too at the moment. i really hope this will work for us... I have heard lots of good things about clomid.

    We have been ttc for 13 months but went to GP when I suspected I was ovulating late. My temping is confirming this. Both GP and specialist have been great so a positive experiecne so far. The apecialist did say the chance of twins without clomid is about 1 in 80 and on clomid it becomes 1 in 16! I would be so eternally grateful for just one!

    Good luck

  • Hi Jamesmelanie1-yay, we have clomid buddies!

    I had read that your chances of multiple births are doubled, that its a 4% chance in normal conception and 8-10% (varied reports I've read) when concieved with clomid. Its the most common side effect, apparently!

    I feel like I'm wishing my life away with these appt's sometimes!
  • Ooo this is working out well, three of us now starting off on Clomid (fingers crossed) at around the same time.

    I knew the chance of twins was increased with Clomid but when you see it in those numbers it's quite high isn't it! I also have twins in the family! But like you said, would be so so happy with news of one.

    Will come back on tomorrow, hopefully with good news following scan and appointment.

  • I have got to have more bloods done on Christmas Eve for rubella check and to see if I have been exposed to chlymidia. I know I have never had chlymidia and had rubella injection at school. But 'exposure to chlymidia' can apparently cause damage to tubes and if positive them I may have to have tubes checked? Is this the hsg people talk about?

    Looking forward to starting clomid as feel as it may be a fresh start.

    I have been told to take clomid days 2-6 which i think will be about mid Jan? What about you two? When are you expecting to start?

    I am in Yorkshire what about you?


    More waiting.......
  • Hi Mrs H,

    I have to wait until after my appt (they made me have hsg, despite clear for chlamydia) otherwise I would have started in November! Bit sad at the mo, as really hoped we would have a BFP by Christmas and a family to look forward to next Christmas :cry:

    I've been really looking forward to Christmas (I always do!) but all I can think about is sharing it wth a little person. Not to mention the snow. I can't wait to get all dressed up and mess around in the snow, making snow men and sledging :cry:
  • Oh, sorry, didn't actually answer-it'll be 17th Jan for appt, so whenever my af decides to turn up after that! (usually 38-45 day cycle-fun fun fun!)
  • Hi Ladies

    I've had three months of Clomid - but sadly no BFP.

    Am taking a break for a few months before starting again and changing lifestyle - exercise eating healthy etc to try and give myslef the best possible chance. You may also want to try Acupuncture - Zita West swares by it and there is research to suggest that your chance of concieving on Clomid increases if you have it.

  • Evening ,

    I love christmas too. Winter is my fave time of year. We got married at christmas and I had convinced myself that I would have a christmas baby this year. Well I didn't but my best friend and cousin did! Ah well - keep trying.

    I was thinking about trying acupuncture alongside clomid. I have found a therapist. ??60 for first 1h and a half session. Following 45min sessions are ??35 each. I think it is a weekly appointment. I have read really positive things about it.

    Have any of you tried preseed?

    WM: you will have a LO to share it with next year - I am positive we all will

  • Hi, sorry it's been a while...Christmas got in the way!

    Right, well I went for clinic appointment to have mid cycle scan and post coital test done.

    Firstly she told me about blood test results for FSH...10.3 which she said it high for my age (I'm 27). I don't know much about this and also how reliable this score is...any help would be great.

    Mid cycle scan showed I had ovulated already so that's good.

    Post coital test showed no sperm in cervical muscus...not so good...those swimmers obviously don't like it! She also said she thought it was too thick.

    So they have prescribed the Clomid which I will begin in about a weeks time. They have also prescribed Ethinylestradiol to take on days 10 - 14 to help improve my cervical muscus. Anyone got any experiences of taking this?

  • HI Tibby,

    I have no understanding of FSH levels either. Do you know what they should be?

    I though the more cervical mucas the better? Thought it was meant to help?

    Can I ask what day you had your mid cycle scan. I am CD17 and have to wait for CD2 to start my clomid. Just want to get started. Feel in limbo at the moment.

    When I start my clomid I have to ring the unit and book in for my cycle tracking on CD 10. I then have to have an internal scan every other day for a week to check folicle size.
  • Hi Mrs Hopeful,

    Well in my Zita West book it says the following about FSH levels:

    Less than 6 Excellent - very reassuring level

    6-8 Normal -expect a good response to stimulation

    8-10 Fair - response is between completely normal and some what reduced. Overall, a some what reduced live birth rate.

    10-12 - Lower ovarian reserve. Usually shows a reduced response to stimulation and some reduction in egg and embryo quality with IVF - reduced live birth rates.

    12-17 - Generally shows a more marked reduction in response to stimulation and usually a further reduction in egg and embryo quality with IVF. Low live birth rate

    Over 17 - No Go. Very poor response to stimulation. No live births.

    So I am just dipping my toe in the slight danger zone with my 10.3. They didn't seem massively worried. But if and when I do get a BFP I will probably opt to have some early private scans to look for any anomalies.

    I had my mid cycle scan on day 14 of cycle. My cycles are pretty regular, and I am ovulating but seems they put you on Clomid regardless of this! I am now on CD 23 and like you can't wait to start on CD2...I don't think I have ever wanted my period to come this much!

    When I start my period I have to phone clinic and they will book me to come in around CD 14 (maybe bit before?) so they can do a scan. I think I only have to go in the once each month....I hope so anyway...the hospital is 50 miles away! She also said something about maybe needing an injection but i was a bit overwhelmed at this point so I just nodded...but not actually sure what they are for!

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