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mid cycle scan and HSG

Hi All,

I am going to have a mid cycle scan question is is this the same as this HSG I keep reading about on here? I was under the impression they were just going to have a look tomorrow? Can anyone help? So many many things to remember!

Thanks x


  • Hi Mrs Tibby, the HSG is an X-ray where they put a radio-opaque chemical via your cervix into your uterus and fallopian tubes and they use this to check if your tubes are clear.

    The mid-cycle scan is just an ultrasound. This is done trans-vaginally. It's fine ... nothing to worry about.
  • Thanks Bubbliciousuk, that has made things clearer. x
  • i have a day 12 scan after taking ovulatory drugs during my mensturation time (day 2 to day 6).is it the hsg scan i have to do on 12thday of my menustrual cycle?am very afraid to do hsg..i heard it is very painful.please give me an answer soon..

  • Hi Khushi, I had the hsg last month... Its fine like a bad period pain. To be quite descriptive you feel yourself getting more and more bloated then it becomes quite a sharp period pain feeling. but its over sooooo quickly, your like 'oh, is that it??' I found the worst bit feeling 'wet' for quite some time after. It really is over very quicky so dont panic at all

    They will only do the hsg before ov so not normally after day 10. it might not be the hsg that your having

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