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Start Clomid tomorrow and need a bit of advice please.

Hi Ladies,

I was hoping one of you may be able to help me, I start clomid tomorrow and have been put on 100mg. But when I've looked at the box it says take two tablets twice a day (they are 50 mg tablets) that would mean that my total daily intake was 200mg is that right or should I just be taking one twice a day? I've tried to call the clinic but they are now closed - can someone please help?



  • Hi Mrs Ad,

    I havn't started on clomid yet, but from what I've been told and read, that does sound like a high dose (I was told you usually get started on 50mg, but not sure if that is twice a day or once a day.

    Hopefully someone with more experience of it can help. Do you need to start it today? If so, would it hurt to take the 100mg today, then call clinic in morning? People do get put on doses that high, so it can't be bad.
  • 200mg sounds very high. I was started on 50mg. I would call the clinic before you take them as if you take too many you could hyperstimulate and stimulate too many eggs. I used to take mine in the evening so you should have time to get the clinic to clarify xx
  • Hi, I have taken clomid and would agree with the others that 200mg seems high.

    I started on 50mg and had that for three months with follicle tracking to check i was not overstimulating.

    I did get my dose increased to 100mg which was two tablets which i took together at night (to reduce the side effects)

    I know its hard but could you wait a month and ring the clinic when they are open, I know it seems very fustrating but probably safest

    Good luck with your journey xx
  • If I were you, id call the fertility clinic first. 200mg is very high and to be honest, I didn't think anyone started on higher than 50mg as the hospital will need to fallible track. Ive been put on 50mgs and was checked which luckily enough showed my ovaries weren't over stimulated.

    Check in the morning and start taking them at night to reduce the effects.
  • I hope this helps but i was put on two tablets a day (100mg) to start me off so i guess the clinic intend you to do the same.i would def double check altho i hope it won't be too late for you to take them

    Good Luck xxx image
  • Thanks ladies, I got through to the clinic on Christmas eve and the pharmacist had put the wrong label on it was two tablets once a day so panic over. I started taking them Christmas day in the end as that turned out to be day 2 (only had brown spotting on the thursday) so I am taking my last tablets tonight.

    Its good to see that there are a lot of success stories - I have my scan next wednseday to track the follicles - so getting very excited. Congratulations to all of you who have got your BFP's.

    image xxx
  • Oh and I have started on 100mgs - I think it can vary from clinic to clinic tho.

  • Hey... glad u got that clarified... not so good that the pharmacist put the wrong label on tho, as some people maybe wldnt have thought anything of it and taken them.. not good!

    Heres hoping for a lovely sticky New Year Bean for you... imageimage

  • Thanks hun, I know - I I had to give the detatils of the pharmacy to the clinic so I imagine they will get a good telling off.

  • Oooh sorry to G/C but wanted to wish you extra good luck MrsAD. Really hope this works for you. Keep us updated. x
  • Thanks EH - will let you know how I get on on wednesday - hope you're doing good hun and mini mulberry is growing big and strong! image

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