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Clomid - what to expect?

Hey there - just wondering if you lovely ladies can help. I am currently on metaformin in an attempt to get my system up and going. Should that not help/if we want things to move a little quicker then I have been offered clomid. I do not know much about it - was wondering if you ladies could help. What sorts of things did you find? How helpful is it? How bad are the side effects etc? Googling things gives one side but...

Thanks in advance for your help image


  • Hiya hun... I was on Clomid for a few months.. Even tho i was already OV'ing.

    Unfortunately for me it wasnt very successful, well no BFP anyway, altho when i went for my 21day bloods whilst on clomid, my results were alot higher, so it does help with OV. (Obviously, ha)

    I found the side effects to be bearable, but there defo were some.. hot flushes being the main one, sore boobs etc.

    Hope this helps a bit hun xx
  • Hi,

    I was also put on clomid even though I was ov'ing on my own.

    I'd advise you to take it at night so if you have any reaction you'll be asleep.

    Around 9dpo my side effects came which was crying at everything! I felt very hormonal, constant nausea and hot flushes.

    The 2nd month I had no side effects at all and got a bfp xxx
  • Hiya, I had clomid & ov'd & conceived on the first cycle (unfortunately I misscarried at 6 weeks, but that had nothing to do with the clomid, just unfortunate!) That was 6 weeks ago and I am now 4.5 weeks pregnant again - without the use of clomid!! So looks like it kick-started my lazy ovaries into action!

    Side effects, the only thing I notices was hot flushes, i got sooo many more side effects with Provera which was to induce a bleed so I could start Clomid!

    Good luck if you do decide to start it! Hope to see a BFP for you soon x
  • Hi!

    I was put on clomid because I rearly ov'd, Concived on the first cycle, I also took them in the evening and the only side effects i noticed were being slightly hormonal and hot flushes!

    Hope everything goes well for you
  • Thanks for the replies and congrats on the BFPs! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage MrsPwithbumponboard - all the best for your pregnancy now.

    Night time sounds like a good idea. I remember a colleague being on clomid and she described herself as one big hormone!
  • Hi,

    I'm currently on my first cylce of taking clomid, tonight are the last tablets I need to take, then going for scan next Wednesday. The only symptom I seem to have is a slight headache but nothing too bad, it might have nothing to do with the clomid but it has only started since I started taking them. Also change in cm as well as in a lot more of it - sorry tmi - but that is def down to the clomid.

  • I also found that my first month on clomid was relatively trouble free, it was months after that i found the worst symptoms.. image

    Defo take them at night, at least then ure sleeping thru the symptoms, well thats the theory! ha

  • Can I just add my hot flushes started on the last night of taking the tablets and have been getting them ever since on cd11 so hoping they stop when I ov.

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