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My 6 week follow-up after Laparoscopy

Hi ladies. Had my 6 week follow-up today and it's not good news. They are not going to do anything more for us as they think it will do more damage than good. My tubes are stuck to my ovaries. They said that we have to carry on trying for 6-12 months and then if i am not pregnant we will be referred for IVF. It's my 29th birthday next week and you have to be 30 to have IVF in Milton Keynes so they think a year would be good. I am devastated. He doesn't know the condition of inside my tubes and the end of the tubes may not pick up an egg but they still don't want to do anything.

I'm numb and utterly devastated. I'm fed up of people telling me to stay positive - I was positive this morning and then got told the news so positivity doesn't get you anywhere.

I don't really know what to do and my heart hurts so bad.



  • I am so sorry to hear your news hunny.

    If it was me I would be inclinded to insist they do more, and in a few weeks when you are 30th put you on the list for IVF and push them to do more invesagating.

    On this whole TTC journey I have relised some doctors do things quicker than others and have different approaches. So i would tell them you want more investigating done.

    If they really wont and you can I would go private. But not without pushing for it on the nhs, its what we pay our taxes for!!!!

  • hi laura,

    really sorry to hear your news. i totally understand how devasted you are, our problem is with my husband but whoever the problem is with to be told you need ivf leaves you feeling alone, sad, cross, upset and a whole lot of other emotions.

    I do think you should go back and ask to be put on the waiting list for ivf. If the waiting time in your area is a year(i dont know how long it is)then you will be 30 anyway.

    big hugs x
  • (used to be mrslim in case you were wondering!)

    Oh Laura, I'm so sorry. How utterly pants! I don't quite understand though - you've been trying for so long already! Like angelheart says - you should try to get them to put you on the waiting list as you'll probably be 30 by the time you reach the top.

    Ugh, I don't know what to say. People telling you to be positive is rubbish, it's so hard in this situation, when you don't even know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, let alone being able to see it.

    Sending lots of hugs xxx
  • Hi Laura - just wanted to say I am really sorry. Really feel your pain, I know what you mean about staying positive, it is so hard :x but I really hope all works out ok for you in the end and you get the care you deserve and need.

    Hope you are coping ok.



  • Aww sorry to hear your news...I dont really know what to say other than give u a very big hug...and remember that theres still a way. Even if all else fails theres still ivf.

    Really hope you're feeling much better now...(hugs)
  • Hi Laura,

    I dont know if you remember me as I havent been on here for some time as taking a break from BE, but I had a lap in Sept and was told something similar to you after the op. My ovaries were stuck to my tubes and we were told that it appeared that I had extensive damage to my tubes (alhtough they could not say exactly how badly)caused by the removal of my appendix when I was 7. We were given 3 months to conceive naturally and told that after that the chances of us conceiving without IVF were virtually non-existent. I am on the waiting list for IVF but it is 18month - 2years long. I am also awaiting surgery to remove both my tubes as I have been told that as my tubes are so damaged they are likely to affect our success rates with IVF. I am still devastated that we need IVF as although I knew it was unlikely that we we do this naturally a small part of me deep down hoped that they had got it wrong and that a miracle would happen. I hope my reply hasnt made you feel worse I just wanted to share my story with you so that you didnt feel so alone as I know thats how I have felt. Im not on here much but please e mail me if you ever need to talk. I agree with the other ladies I would push to see if you can go on the IVF waiting list and make enquiries about what treatment they can offer you in the meantime.

  • Laura, have you had a HSG, to check whether your tubes are open? That could be something they do in the meantime?

    Hugs xxx
  • hi Laura

    I had exactly the same as you and had mine operated on during my Laparoscopy. We were given 6 months to conceive naturally and 18 months later we had to go through ICSI. unfortunately this didnt work and we are just about to start round 2.

    I found that I was having really bad period pains and it was really uncomfortable - are you having anything similar. i had my operation on my private medical insurance - do you have any?

    I would go for a second opinion.

  • Thanks s much ladies. It really is bad news - even worse that we weren't expecting it.

    My tubes are clear as they put dye through them. I just wish they would do something about the adhesions. It makes it even worse that they haven't explained anything!

    Ive emailed a top doctor in MK asking for some advice. I met him in a previous job. His secretary replied and he is away so she said she will make sure he sees my email next week. My parents have kindly offered to pay for a second opinion. I have a feeling that due to NHS funding they can't help us whereas on private i think you have more options.

    I feel much better than I did the other day which is surprising.

    Thanks again for all your replies. I just wish I had persisted with the doctors when i was 16 as i knew something was wrong.

  • Hmmm... this is one of the things that i hate about doctors, despite having been one! It's rare that you get one that explains everything to you properly and makes sure that you understand. I also hate how they fob you off and act like it doesn't matter unless you want to have a baby in which case it's too late as the damage has been done! GRRRRR! (Sorry, am quite angry on your behalf...)

    Perhaps a second opinion is a good idea. I know people who had 3 opinions! Do you have any photos from your previous op? Just so the new doc can see easier and give their opinion without having to repeat anything...

    Lots and lots of hugs xxx
  • Sorry to hear your news Laura - the same thing happened to me last May. I went in for ovarian drilling for PCOS and when I was just coming round and full of drugs they told me my tubes were damaged and my only hope is IVF. It's such a bombshell and really made me numb for a couple of months but it helped to talk to people on here (and fertility friends) and I've been to a support group in central London and some meet ups to which has all helped me to normalise the situation. Just starting my first IVF at the end of this month.

    Thinking of you lots as this is horrible but you are strong and you will get through it whatever this journey brings xx
  • Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know seeing a consultant tomorrow for a second opinion. He's an expert in my region called Prof. Christopher Ballogun-lynch and ivemet him before in a previous job. I really can't wait to find out what he thinks! Will let you know. Xx
  • Good news! I'm going to be asked to be referred again as the adhesions can be removed and the cyst since it's so closebto the tubes it could twist. I have every bright to ask so fingers crossed! Would recommend getting a second opinion to anyone!

  • I meant right not bright! image
  • Brilliant news! Good luck xxx
  • Thats briliant news Laura!! I hope it all goes well, any idea of when? Do they clear you tubes and give you time to ttc then?? I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, xo
  • No idea when - I have to wait for a copy of the letter that is being sent and when that arrives I can make an appointment. It will then be a case of waiting lists again. He seems positive that we will conceive if I am tidied up. I'm so pleased I went for a second opinion!

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