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Bit of news

I was put on clomid back in sept and after 2 cycles on it I gt very depressed and was advised to stop taking it until I was better in myself. On 20th Dec, I reluctly took a test after 2 yrs of negatives, I got my positive image still worrying as i had a mc 3 yrs ago. but gta stay positive image


  • OMG That is amazing what a great xmas present!!

    What a lovely way to start the new yr with your bfp

    Congratulations hun

  • Congratulations. That is wonderful news and a positive story for the rest of us. I am starting clomid in Jan (just picked up my prescription). CD 16 now and have to wait until CD 2 to start.

    Can I ask what dosage you were on?

  • Brilliant news! I will keep my virtual fingers crossed for a sticky BFP for you! xx
  • Here's for a sticky bean image
  • Thats fantastic news.... so u concieved after being on clomid?? I have heard that it defo does give ure body that kick start, my cons did advise me that it wld be good to take a month off between clomid cycles, as the clomid does help u to produce lovely quality eggs even when ure not on it..

    Hope this makes sense?? ha.... I was typing it there and cant think of the right words to use, its to early in the morning for me! ha

  • Thats wonderful news huni! A lot of people are falling pregnant round the 2 year mark! We have hit the 2 year mark!! Hopefully it will rub off!! lol xxx
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wasn't sure if you got pregnant all naturally or with clomid??

    You deserve this, so enjoy it, xo
  • wow! That is fantastic take care of yourself here's for a sticky bean xx
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