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Think I'm gonna be brave and join you girls

Hi girlies

We have been trying since October 2009, and AF has shown up today. I think I can now count that as long term ttc! lol!

Me and hubby were talking about going to the doctors and getting tests done - very scared.

What tests do they do first? I don't know what to expect as my cycles are extremely regular so I don't know what they'll be looking for. Any ladies that can shed light on this, would be really grateful.

Lots of babydust to you all and a happy new year! xxx


  • Welcome... BFP wishes...

    We have been trying for a very long time now (been off the pill since Sep 07)...

    I finally plucked up the courage to go to the docs in June 09, the doc referred me straight away to the clinic at my local hosp. I told the doc that we had been trying for two years.. a small white lie, but if it means u get referred quicker, go for it, because i know some docs are funny about the length of time you have been trying and if u should get referred or keep trying for a while longer. Can i ask how old you are hun???

    At that first appointment with my GP, she also arranged for me to get some day 21 bloods taken, this is to identify whether ure OV or not... I am also very regular, so didnt really think there was an issue (there wasnt) but having regular cycles doesnt always mean that, sometimes u might not be OV but still getting ure AF...

    At my first appointment at the infertility clinic, it was all very informal, forms etc, arranged for HSG (dye inserted up through ure cervix and it is pushed through ure tubes, to make sure there clear etc), was also given a sample bottle thing, for OH to produce a sperm sample..

    Hope this helps for the time being anyway....I have came further along the road as i have put down, but dont want to bombard you with too much info, if ure not really looking that far ahead yet... but please dont hesitate in asking anything that comes to mind...

    I know that first initial step to going to the docs is hard, but just think its a step closer to that BFP that we are all searching for... imageimage

    Good Luck hun xx
  • Hi and welcome,

    you will find this forum really welcoming and encouraging.

    Have you been doing any other checks on your cycle yourself such as ov sticks or temping?

    They may do blood tests to check ov and you should ask them if your OH can have a sperm analysis. We did and they just did it for him!.

    I am about to start clomid in 10days.


  • Welcome bfpwishes....hope your stay is short. Good luck at Docs. We found the whole process quite stress-free, only worried about being told off about weightloss (lack of it!) They want my BMI down below 30. Starting new year health kick today! 2 kiwis for brekkie!

    I exagerated slightly about how long we were ttc for the same reason as above, but they were happy to refer us after 8 months of ttc without success, but I know some Drs are different. We're 2 yrs ttc now. I'm sure over a yr of ttc with regular cycles will mean a quick referral for you xx
  • Totally understand your concerns. I was similar. Just remember the doctors are seeing and hearing these things so frequently it is really, really normal for them. That normality is so helpful because you realise you're not the only person in the world facing these things. It just isn't an area of life people talk about too much, not in my circles any way! I found going a complete relief. It gives you some proactive steps to take - that all helps. As one doctor said to me - it is a very long journey to the destination of complete infertility. There really is so much they can do and be helpful with.
  • Hi

    Well, I think the girls have pretty much covered what you can expect to see from the doctors, and Munchie78 is right, it is a relief to start talking about it and to do something about it. It's also suprising to see how many other people are going through the same or simimlar things.

    This part of the site is brilliant and there always seems to be someone who can answer your questions and tell you what to expect.

    Good luck with your appointment and let us know how you get on

    Nice to "meet" you !

  • Hi

    thank you for all the replies, its been very helpful and reassuring - lovely to meet you all!

    Mrscupcake - I'm 28, thanks for all the info on the first tests they do, doesn't seem quite so scary now x

    Mrshopeful - have been using the CBFM, and I ov roughly the same time each month.

    Good luck on all your bfps too xxx
  • Glad the onfo helped hun... image

    It really isnt so bad once you start the tests etc.. and as i said before its another step closer isnt it?? image

    Its also a great comfort to know that there are so many of us going through the same here... imageimage ..

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