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Not sure what to expect :-S

Ov and myself have been trying for a baby for 17 months now and had an MC in November. So we've decided we want to be tested and hopefully reffered to a clinic.

I've been having blood test's done for a couple of months now and OH did a sperm samply a couple of days before Christmas and we are going for the results Friday. My bloods have came back fine and I am OVing which has now made OH think that there has to be something wrong with him so it's stressing him out abit :cry:

OH was nervous when he did the sample and he said there wasn't as much as he could have done because of his nerves. Will this effect the results? We don't know what to expect any way so were a bit worried

Any help would be appreciated


  • Hi Steph

    Try and reassure your OH not to worry until the results come back. There are a large percentage of people out there with unexplained infertility and the fact that you have got pg once means you can do it. If your OH's results do come back below average then he will more than likely have to retest anyway in couple of months time so he will have the opportunity to produce more next time if needed!!

    Good luck x
  • Waiting for the news on these things is so tricky. Hope all goes well. As Princess said - you've done it once! image
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