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Clomid worked too well!!

Hi Ladies,

Well just an update (if anyone is interested) this is my first month using clomid and I was put on 100mgs a day. I have been for my scan today to track the follicles and it has worked too well - I have 5 follicles on one ovary and nothing on the other. So we have been told to abstain from sex as obviously the chance of havving 5 babies is too risky.

I have to continue on 100mgs for next month as the nurse thinks I may react differently if the other ovary kicks into action and give me the preferred 1-3 follicles, so a bit gutted that I cant do anything about it this month but happy it is working.

I am slighly concerned as I will ovulate in the next 24 hours and we bd'd last night and the night before. we told the nurse this but she said theres not much we can do about that and just avoid sex until next af.



  • Oh wow - at least it is working. One of those things you'll just have to put in the lap of the gods and see what happens! Could always be a good story to sell to a magazine?!?!? Sending you a very sensible amount of baby dust
  • Thank you munchie - I love you sending a 'sensible amount of babydust' that made me chuckle. :lol:

    I am very glad its worked would have been awful if there wasnt a single one. My sister said ooh you could make a heap from tv and magazines, but still dont think it would be enough to cover the cost of five babies! lol!

    Definitely in the hand of the gods now, I will def be staying away from hubby for the next couple of weeks and just hope that the zinc i've put him on hasnt worked too well!

  • I'm so bloody awful, I think I would just risk it and do it! But I'm starting to think that if I had multiple birth, at least it would mean I wouldn't have to go through all this milarky again! (obviously there are down-sides, but in my state of mind, I'm not keen to look at those!)

    Only 11 days and counting until my "Clomid" appt with Consultant!
  • Windy - I think I would just go for it but as its only the first cycle I dont want to take the risk. I was reading on the internet last night and there were a fair few ppl who had 5 mature follies but it only resulted in one baby, there were some twin babies but there was one set of quads and that frsaked me out enough to resist hubby last night.

    Wow 11 days thats not long - where in your cycle will you be at that point hun? We should start a thread for clomid users once you start taking them as there doesnt seem to be that many people on here on clomid.

  • Hi Ladies

    I picked up my clomid today, can I join your gang?

    Cuddles xx
  • Hi Cuddles - yes of course - when are you due to take your first tablet? what dose are you on?

  • Hmmmm, cycle days???? What are they? I've lost count! I had provera, then withdrawal bleed (pre-hsg) started on 23rd Nov, so cd 44, I think! I don't know if I will have an af before my appt, and if I dont, will they put me on provera again to induce af, then give me false cd, or just start on it???? Guess I'll find out in 11 days!

    Welcome Cuddles78!
  • I know that feeling windy - I remember putting up a post saying I was on cd38 and no BFP or AF, seems rediculous looking back as didnt get AF for over 5 months. I was given norethiserone to bring on af for clomid but by some miracle af turned up - it was very light and not like a proper af but enough to get me started. Its a good feeling tho to know you are one step closer to that BFP - clomid has really positive reviews on here so I'm being optomistic.

  • can i join in ladies im on my second round of clomid but now 100mg had 50mg 3 months ago as i dont have any af i have taken 14 rounds of provera worked twice now i am taking 2 weeks of eastrogen then i week provera if i have a bleed then i can take clomid hoping something will happen this time.

    any success stories with the mix im on would be great to hear
  • Hi Mrsfarrer and welcome to the thread - how many cycles of the clomid did you have at 50mgs? I hope the 100 works for you first time hun!

  • Hi

    thank you for the welcomes!

    I'll be taking 50mg from my feb AF, can't start this month as will be away when I'd need to be scanned.

    I am taking it ready to start IUI.

    But hoping the clomid will do the trick on it's own!

    Good luck all......

    C xx
  • Cuddles - really hope you dont need iui and hope you are going away somewhere nice?

  • Hey there one and all.

    Am not on clomid yet but it has been offered to me. Am beginning to wonder if I am just procrastinating over the whole thing. My concern is if it doesn't work what will they suggest next. Then, in a truly girly way, I think what if it does work? Am I ready for that?! Not helpful, I know!!! In fact - plain daft!!! :lol:

    Do you mind if I join in the chat?!
  • Join away, Munchie!

    I'm glad just the one course of provera did the trick for me, phew. I often wonder what the hell my body is thinking, or what the hell my body thinks that I'm doing to it!!!

    Does seem clomid has lots of positive resuts on here-MrsAd. I googled it and came up with another site where there was some negativity about it, but turned out it was just one person mouthig off and talking a load of pants, so I'll just stick to this one from now on! Lots of encouragement.

    I'm in one last ditch attempt at a natura BFP at the mo. Only had faint lines from my opk's in this cycle, so I'm stuffing my face with soya mince tonight in a bid to encourage ovulation. Or at least see if it does ANYTHING!
  • I'm thinking of getting me a CBFM. Old AF has been up the spout since last May - dr is being really helpful but I am feeling I need to be more proactive. I have no idea what my body is playing at. It's the losing weight that is the most challenging. Oh to have a body that just doesn't cling on to the extras!
  • Munchie - join away! I think we all go throught that stage, it only took me 24 hours to say yes to it - although thats me all over, it was evident that I wasnt ov'ing so I thought why drag the frustration on any longer and just thought sod it.

    I've read a similar negative posts on another forum but I just think dont bother taking notice of them they wind me up.

    I wouldve loved to have a 'natural' successful pregnancy but my body has worked against me so clomid it is.

    Windy - I dont know if you remember but a few months ago you told me about the soya and I started drinking soya milk and also started accupuncture and I got af not long after so go for it and if you can book yoursef in for an accupuncture session I swear it helped to bring on my af - turns out I didnt ov that time but if it brings on af then surely its a good thing.

    I'm sure this is going to be a stressful few months for us all but so glad there are others going through the same thing. Good luck ladies!

  • Hey waiting for dreams. Thanks for your point about CBFM. I have been waiting for AF for 8 months now. My cycle has always been on its own schedule rather than the one we'd expect/want - I wouldn't want to spend out on a CBFM only to find it pointless.

    Interesting point about metformin. I am on my first month of it. Have found the side effects have reduced themselves to night times only. I am also finding that certain foods are worse than others. Am keen to stick with it if I can. image
  • Hi all, we're getting quite a big gang now!

    Yeah, Munchie, I thought CBFM couldn't work if your cycles are longer than 40 days (or less, can't quite remember, but I read it on the CB site).

    MrsAd! Glad the soya worked for you. I'm convinced it messed up my hormones when I ate it throughout my cycle, so I'm having a binge on it for 3days in the hope of tricking my body into thinking its just about to ovulate! Had a reasonable line on my OPK today, so you never know!

    Any horrid symptoms yet, girlies? xx
  • WFD - So far the clomid side effects have been very few and maangeable for me, so hope that you would be ok if the doc prescribes it for you.

    Munchie - I really dont think that the cbfm will be of any use to you hun, it only asks for 20 sticks in any cycle so unless you were really lucky to ov in those 20 days it wouldnt work.

    I've not had any horrid symptoms yet apart from the continuing hot flushes. my (.y.) are really sore (Specifically my nips) but know that I get this after ov, even without the clomid. I've no idea when af is due as I know clomid is used for ladies with an LP defect so not sure whether it will lengthen mine and I think its normally 12 days.

    wm - hope the soya works for you hun, your appointment date is getting closer - whoop whoop!

  • a week today-but havn't lost any bloody weight!! Aaaahhh! If anything, I've put it over Christmas-only a 2 lbs or so, but its in totally the wrong direction. I hope he doesn't tell me off!
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