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Just wondering if anyone has tried and had success with this DuoFertility device?

We've been TTC for over 2 years now. We have a 3and a half year old and have unexplained secondary infertility. I am on my 4th month of clomid but don't hold my breath with this. We're not sure whether to bother with IUI/IVF so wondered whether to try this for a year first.

Does anyone know anyone who has used it with success, or even still using it?



  • Hello Roberjl,

    I have used the duofertility, and it was successful for us in just 3 months. I had been using the CBFM before but I was getting many high days and often I would not get a peak day at all.

    I always had my fertile period identified on the duofertility and I got pregnant very quickly.

    I don't know what "unexplained secondary infertility", I just had unexplained infertility for 2 years... :? Maybe you should call them to see if this would be appropriate for you and your husband.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Bee,

    Thanks for your uplifting response.

    Unexplained Secondary Infertility is basically the same as Unexplained Infertility except that you've already had at least one child first.

    We had our daughter in June 2007 and have been TTC no2 since October 2008 with no success. I've had 4 months of clomid/Letrozole (even though tests show I do ovulate) and am in the middle of 5th cycle and am allowed one more. I thought we might try the DuoFertility before going down the IUI/IVF route. Your response has pushed me more towards this if the next 2 months aren't successful.

    Do you have any tips for using the DF? I've looked at a video on their web site and not sure if it really is that easy to use - is it? Can you shower with the pad on or do you change it each day? Thanks
  • I would like to say thanks very much for this really positive conversation.

    I am using Duo Fertility and it's my first month and I'm feeling sooooo positive about things. I really hope it works for us.

    To hear your positive result is really uplifting my spirits.

    Lots of luck and love

    Teresa xx
  • Hi Roberjl

    You can do anything whilst wearing your Duo Fertility monitor. I don't have a shower so it has to be bath proof. The first time I bathed I was quite nervous but I needn't have been, it was fine.

    The only thing is that the adhesives have caused me some frustrating rashes, but I have really sensitive skin. I contacted DF and they sent me a range of new adhesives to try so that was great, no questions asked.

    I'm sure it would really work for you as immediately it stops the stress and that's got to be a good thing.

    Lots of love and luck

    xx image
  • Hi ChoccieLover,

    How's it going for you? AF has just arrived for me after month 5 with DuoFimage Using it is not a problem for me but I am disappointed with it. Last month I was asked to use OPKs too which I questioned - I thought DF was so great & clever (and expensive) on its own! DF gave me a fertile period a few days earlier than it should have and they moved it once I'd had my positive LH, so it's not that clever!

    We have BD'd at the right times though and still no luck. Coming up to 3years TTC now and I am fed up!

    Hope you have better luck with itimage
  • Brandnewwifey. Their website talks about measuring fractions of a degree and to do what they say it does it must at least measure a 0.1C change. If you are worried about it ask them. I was looking into using DF but got pregnant image but they seemed very open to my queries when I was checking it out.

    Mooomin x
  • Hi moomin

    Glad to hear you got got your bfp image I think I've been panicking for no reason. You are right it does measure fractions of a degree. I've just found someone's blog online and they have posted a picture of their graph and it clearly shows measurements that are smaller than the half degree increments. I'm feeling really silly now!

    Thanks for your reply x.
  • Duo Fertility is proving so successful because it not only predicts fertile days it confirms ovulation and provides a complete fertility history and analysis. It can even provide concrete evidence of fertility problems that may have been previously undetected.
  • Don't be fooled. We have completed 12 month last month and difficulties we faced are:
    1) Monitor only records temperature, nothing else, £3 thermometer does the same.
    2) It does not predict Ovulation in advance. It only shows shaded area as likely ovulation which is often wrong if you have irregular period. Almost 10 out of 12 prediction we had was wrong. They notify actual ovulation few days later by email and blame technical issue.
    3)There is no expert advice what so ever, In last 12 months not single advice was given apart from ovulation notification after 3/4 days. We can't really turn the clock back and have intercourse.
    4) Sticky tabs are irritating, it leaves a pink/dark mark under your arm.
    5) We followed all their guidelines for money back guarantee, but they are now refusing to give it back.
    6) They have no intention to refund money.
    8) They are misguiding vulnerable couples and cheating with their hard earned cash.

    Stay away if you can. It is waste of time and money.

  • Like some of you I bought DuoFertility in an attempt to get pregnant naturally after we had been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. I diligently entered the information regularly and was horrified not to get my money back after one year. DO NOT be duped they will do everything possible to avoid giving you your money back.

    Key factors for me were that you have to upload data every 7 days, this is counted in hours! If you load data one Saturday in the morning and the following Saturday in afternoon, this counts as 8 days of which no-one informed me until I requested a refund.

    Similarly I forgot to wear the sensor on 4 nights throughout the year which I thought was fairly reasonable out of 365 nights. However you can only fail to do this in two separate months, so once I had forgotten to wear the sensor the 3rd time, in a different month, I had failed to meet their T&C and was not eligible for the refund. Had I forgot to wear the sensor 4 times within the same 2 moth period apparently I would have been eligible.

    I bought the product in good faith and although I appreciate at the end of the day they are running a business they are duping vulnerable people. I may well have decided to try the product anyway but at least I wouldn't have had a double disappoinment at the end of the trial period by not being pregnant AND losing the £500 I was expecting back. Try this product if you think it might help you but don't expect to get a refund at the end of it.

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