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3months wait for Semen analysis test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

My husband went to his GP to arrange SA, and he was given an appointment in April to hand in a sample to local hospital. I could not believe that he's been told to wait to april, is this crazy or normal???????????

been ttc 20 months, me ages 27 he's nearly 29.


  • I don't know what is normal but my hubby has his on tuesday and he got refered and given his appt in december! So his happened quick.

    Quicker than my referal!!

  • We didn't even really have an appointment! We had to book a time with the embryologist to submit the sample, just to go through whe the sample was produced, how long you abstained from sex etc. This was done within a few days!! Every PCT is different, but it does seem a bit ridicuous. I hope its not cutbacks!
  • hi,

    this sounds a bit odd. when my husband had to take his sample to the local hospital we were just told to drop it off any week day between 9 and 12. Only when he was producing samples for the reproductive centre did we have to make app times, and this was still only the next week or so

  • that seems a long time hubby got appointment with in 2weeks then got results 2 weeks later
  • Thanks for the replies girls!

    I plan to ring the labs tomorrow and see if I can get him an earlier appoint. His GP put phone on monitor so hubby heard the conversation he had with labs person who said that was next appoint!! I'm keen to go back to my GP soon to org lap n dye test or what ever the next test is while we waiting for SA.

    I let you's know and I wish u all luck and babydust!!
  • Hi hun

    With my hubby's first SA he got to do it straight away, within a few days of the GP sending him for it. When it came back very low he was advised to go for a repeat test 3 months later (this one he did in Dec and we will get results at our appointment in a fortnight.) They explained that it has to be 3 months later because apparently that is how long it takes sperm to be made and if he makes dietary changes and takes supplements etc starting now, the effects of that will show up in the sperm in 3 months time if that makes sense!

    i am surprised that you have to wait 3 months for the first one though. You would think they would just take it as it is now and ask him to wait 3 months for a 2nd one as they did with us.

    Lots of luck to you XXX
  • Thanks tigerboo, goodluck with your results!

    Well.... we realised that hubbys result has fallen on a friends wedding date, so he rang to change date, and he got a cancellation for next week!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad! I went to GP the other day and we've been referred as a couple to an nhs fertility clinic who I will ring in 3-4weeks if I haven't heard anything from.

    I'm glad the balls rolling but cant believe it has come to this either at the same time. I'm the first of my friends and family to need investigations in this department and one sister really doesnt know waht to say to me and the other is great, and my wee sister is aware and good with it but i dont wanna annoy her with it as shes young to worry about big peoples stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess its good on here to realise we are not alone, and it is in fact a growing problem. about 1/3 of couples and fertility issues at some point. Also fertility zone as a good chatroom too, where you can chat to ones from your area which would be good when comparing waiting times, different clinics, drs etc. We're not alone girls. Also 'more to life' is a group that helps support involuntary childlessness and the site is worth a look.

  • We didn't wait for the test but I was so annoyed as he handed his in but had to wait for next appointment for results which was 2 and half months later! In the meantime I had to have all sorts done eventually after all my results were back fine I broke down on phone to hospital who told me there was a problem with his results and could they have another one. Turns out he has probs after a undescended testicle op and we got results the next week. The waiting really is the worst. Would def phone up and try get an appointment sooner. After 7 month
  • sorry my laptop went mad there! That should have said after 7 months and only 2 appointments we have another with urologist next week which will hopefully get us onto the 22 month ICSI waiting list!
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