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Appointment for fertility clinic made

Just made my first appointment so a bit excited although i have to wait untill March image

That seems sooooo long to wait.

Just wondering if any one knows what I would have to do if i get a BFP before hand? Am I suposed to cancel my appointment or should me and OH still keep it and go to it to be on the safe side.I would want to keep it as we would only be between 8 and 4 weeks pregnant (depending when we got the BFP) :? hehe



  • Well done on taking the first step!

    I suppose its a tough one, as I don't think they would be abe to do any of the tests if you were pg, but you don't want to have to start all over again and have the long wait for appt's. I've had this issue, as we had our BFP just before we got the appt through from the fert clinic and I naively cancelled it straight away. Only to lose the baby a few weeks later. We then waited almost a year before going back again and asking to be referred AGAIN!

    Its weird, as throughout the last 6 months of investigations, I have almost hoped NOT to be pg (almost!) as I know the risk of miscarriage is higher and it would be better to be further along in our investigations when we do get a BFP!

    I suppose, make that decision if and when you need to??

  • I think its so exciting! Im for my GP at half 3 today, about to leave house, and I think he's going to refer us to fertility clinic while waiting for husbands SA which isnt until April. I cant wait til april, I may as well wait for fertility clinic appoint while we waiting for SA. I just need to get the ball rolling.

    Ps March isnt that far away really, xo
  • Thanks.

    Im so sorry about the MC me and OH had one in November.

    I think as I would only be 8weeks or 4weeks(ish) I don't think it would matter us going to our 1st appt as that is them just talking us through things (I think) then we would have to wait another few months for another appt and by then if we don't MC again I'd be able to cancel the next appt as we would be over 15weeks (I hope)

    Yeah I know what you mean :? o the confusion going on in my head lol.

    Well I hope you get your BFP soon

  • Hope your GP refers you too image

    Wow April is longer than my wait my OH got his SA straight away and the results came back 2days later. Supose it all depends on the GP.

  • Hi steph,

    Have just realised my last reply seemed a little insensitive I just saw 'appointment for fertility clinic' and got all excited as I'd appointment today. And didnt properly read your thread. What am I like!! I would keep the appointment Steph but dont get any invasive tests done.

    GP is refering us to fertility clinic (FC) while waiting on SA. I'm from NI and with cut backs lab is doing the work of 2 labs and they only do 2 SAs a day and apparently have started making appointments for May!!! My husband doesn't want to go private, I think he would if we were older though. I wish I was older!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!

    Hope I dont have to wait too long for FC appointment.
  • I have my appointment next wednesday!

    I'm dreading it to be honest because i know they are just going to go on and on about my weight!

    Well i have lost 3.5 stones so far! So i'm on the right track but i don't want to be just fobbed off!

    Ah well we can but see! If only i was thin already! Good luck to you ladies!

    And to the lady who posted this i would keep your appointment! xxxx
  • Thats ok mad_for_bump I didn't read your comment that way image

    Thats a bit rubbish with your labs only doing 2 SA a day, hope you get your FC appt ASAP.

    Wow congrats on losing 3.5 stone MrsTil wish I could lose that much weight (although OH doesn't want me lose any think we see 2 different things when he looks at me and when im looking in a mirror)

    Think I will deffo keep my appoinment if I do get a BFP before hand, Thanks ladies and good luck to you all

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