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Clomid tomorrow

Hi all

Well AF arrived this morning and although I was gutted as usual I was also a littel excited as it means I take my first clomid tablet tomorrow!

I have also got a ovarian tracking appointment booked for CD10! SO its on for this month. Only on 50mg but will wait and see.

Anyone else about to start this month?



  • I just finished my first lot on Sat. No side effects so far, apart from emotional on Sat, but then I could have been like that without taking Clomid...I'm a woman after all!

    Start another 5 days of tablets tomorrow which improve CM apprently. Then got scan on Friday (day 12).

  • Just read what I put and it sounds wrong. Not another 5 days of clomid, its another tablet, but can't remember name. Eth something! x
  • I'm in the 2ww of my first cycle - was on 100mgs and had over stimulation (5 mature follies) so had to sign a form saying we would abstain, although we bd'd the night before scan CD13 and I believe I ov'd cd15 so hoping that one of hubbys swimmers found one of those eggs -fc'd!!

    Only side effects I had was a dull headache while I was on the tablet, but was nothing too bad and then since finishing them I've been having mental hot flushes - more so at night so they wake me up which isn't pleasant, although I'm now 5dpo and these seem to have stopped since 3dpo.

    Good luck hun and hope its first time lucky for you!!

  • Hi all. I lost my little boy in April 2010 at 24 weeks. We have been trying since but no luck which we think is due to luteal phase defect.

    I started my first round of clomid (days 2 - 6) this month and I am on CD12. I had a scan this morning and it showed 6.5mm lining and 2 * 10mm follicles. I have got another scan on Friday so hopefully they will have grown more by then, I normally ovulate late CD20.

    I only had mild side effects, feeling hot and head aches, I hope it works!
  • Hi Blacklake - so sorry to hear about your little boy - that is so sad.

    I hope your follies have grown when you go back on Friday - really hope it helps with your BFP!!

  • Thank you MrsAd, I really hope it works first time, I don't know if you know what I mean but I feel like my life is on hold, I would really like to move on and feel happy!

    It sounds like you might be in with a chance this month, can you image if all 5 eggs were fertilised!
  • I know exactly what you mean hun - seems like the only thing I think about at the moment (well in all honesty since my mc in May.) It's intensified now due to being on the clomid bacause my expectations are so much higher.

    I really cannot imagine what it would be like if all 5 were fertilised, like seriously what would I do?? Panic would well and truly set in. I dont even know what the linic would do. One of the ladies on here works in a fertility clinic and she said as far as she's aware this situation has never arisen at her clinic which scared me even more.

    Why do they think you've got a LP defect? Is clomid meant to lengthen it? Reason I ask, i'm only 6dpo today and had pre af feeling all day, like I would normally get the day before she turns up so hoping it hasnt shortened mine as I think its ony 12 day anyway.

    Hope that we both have our clomid bumps very soon!

  • Hi, glad to know others are in the same boat as me.

    Mrs Tibby: we are roughly around the same. My scan is on the 19th(CD10) Can I ask what have you told work about the scans and the time off. My specialist said I may need four or five.

    Mrs Ad: no side affects yet! We have been trying 11 months. I am so frustrated. Everyone seems to be pg around me.

    Blacklackeu I am so sorry about your little boy.

    Can I ask how thick my lining should be and approx how many folicles should I be producing?

    It would be amazing if 5 folicles were fertilised! Is that safe?

    Really hope 50mg works for me.

    We should all keep each other updated...
  • Hey MrsAd, they think I have luteal phase defect as I ovulate on CD20 then spotting starts from 5dpo then full flow by 8dpo so it would be almost impossible for me to sustain a pregnancy. The idea is clomid will strengthen my folic phase (better egg) which will then in turn strengthen my luteal phase. I'm on day CD14 today and still waiting for a positive OPK. I had 2 follicles at my last scan which could mean to possible of twins which I would love, but 5 would be crazy lol!

    Hello Mrshopeful, at CD12 scan I had a 6.5mm lining and two 10mm follicles, the nurse said that the follicles should have been bigger but they corresponded to my lining. I had the flu at the start of my cycle which could have affected things. My fertility clinic likes to see a lining of above 7 - 8mm and follicles need to be bigger that 18mm to ovulate.

    I will let you know how I get on at my scan tomorrow, keep me updated on your progress! X x
  • Morning ladies,

    Mrshopeful - glad your not having any side effects. I've just told work I've got hospital appointments, they haven't asked but if they did I would just say i'm going for a scan. I'm not office based tho so its been relatively easy for me to go. As long as you have one good follicle its a good outcome. Trust me you really dont want five, its not good for the woman or the babies, the babies generally have a lower chance of survival. And I just dont know how you would physically cope wit having 5 in one go - crazy days.

    Blacklake - bet you cant wait till tomorrow - I really hope that they have grown to a lovely size. Twins would be lovely as well. Thanks for the info about the defect, I really hope it works to lengthen yours hun.

    I cant wait for next month when we can hopefully try properly. Without the fear of aving quins.

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