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Hi Ladies,

Wanted to re-introduce myself as I have been absent from here for some time. For those who I have "spoken" to before, Hello! and for the new ones, can I join you again please?

My husband and I have been trying for 3 1/2 years and we were told ICSI was our only hope. Due to my age, im 22 and he is 32 we were unable to have the ICSI on the NHS until I am 23. Well... this time has come and I am 23 in April. We have out next appointment with our doctor on the 10th March. At that point we can finally be referred to the clinic. We have to have all out blood test, swabs and another sperm test done prior to this appointment.

Its been a long time coming and finally the year is here!

So that's basically my story. When using this site before I found the support from people amazing and just knowing that i'm not alone was great!

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  • Welcome back LolsieG, I think I remember you from before. Good luck for your appt xx
  • Thank you!

    I do tend to dip in and out on my sane days there have been times on this journey where i've felt I just couldn't come on - im sure im not the only one. It can sometimes be a bit much! <3
  • Lolsie,

    I know what you mean, I use this site off and on as some times I need to try and not think about ttc so much, but there is good support and its good to hear peoples positive stories, and to try encourage those who havent been so lucky.

    I'm 27 and hubbys nearly 28, ttc 21 months, at beginning of investigations just recently referred to fertility clinic.

    good luck for your appoint, try to keep your self busy so the time goes by quicker, xo

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