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Off to docs for test results at 3 - feeling scared

Hi all

Ive been lurking on here a while but didnt feel like I deserved to post as only been 'trying' since Sept 10. However having said that we can't really 'try' as I dont have periods, pretty much never have my whole life. Also when he was younger my hubs had mumps which went to his balls and left them funny.

Had a scan done last month which shows I have lots of cysts on my ovaries - however apparently its not PCOS as im not hairy or overweight?!? Anyway off to get results of next set of blood tests at 3 and feeling very nervous image


  • Hi, didn't want to R&R,

    Sorry to here about you and hubs.Hope your results came back good. And finally get your BFP hun.

  • Hi Hun,

    Hope your appointment went ok. It sounds like I'm in a similar position to you hun, in terms of te cysts, however when I was referred to the consultant he told me that more and more research has been done and a whole new group of women have been found to have PCOS but without any outwardly symptoms, so they still should be able to do something for you hun (hopfeully you know all this after your appointment.) if you wanna chat i'm on here most days.

  • Hello 'I want a baby' too!

    I hope all went ok, xo
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