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FAO Welsh78

Hey - just wondered how you're doing. Am beginning to get things more under control. Diet seems to be playing a massive role in it all. Lots of cramping at the moment. Feels like it did before I had a period as a teenager! Strange sensation really.

Hope work is going ok image


  • Hi!

    Thanks for the message, I was going to post this weekend to see how you were doing!

    I completely agree about the whole food thing, I am being muc more careful and I have stopped drinking alcohol and it seems to be helping. I have had some cramping and toilet dashes but not so many.

    I have been on 3 a day this week and for the first few days the nausea was bad, but it does seem to have settled a bit now. Next week I'm going to up it to 4, my maximum dosage and see how it goes.

    My periods have been regular for a couple of years, but problems with ovulation. However, I think I am definatly getting twinges this month so I am hopeful things may be working. I really hope your cramps are a sign of positive things to come. Have you been very irregular?

    Work is good, I can't belive we've done 2 weeks already! Only 5 more til half term, brilliant!

    Hope you've had a good week? Sorry I've gone on more than I realised, and thanks again for asking, it really helps to know that someone else is going through all this too

  • I am really irregular. Always have been. However, came off the pill last year and AF hasn't made a visit since. I need to lose weight - that will help but it is very difficult. My husband is really trying to help but doesn't always get it right, bless him

    Glad you're getting there also. Is amazing how powerful the food side is. Was telling my doctor about it this week and she thought it quite amusing as I was saying it was a good way to watch my food intake etc.

    These cramps are quite something aren't they. Today I feel like I've pulled a stomach muscle or something like that!

    One day what we need to happen will happen :roll:
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