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TTC 2yrs 8months :(

heya ladies well im having a down day today, ttc for so long now im doubtful it will happen (naturally if at all).

Hubby has his repeat SA tomorrow as first showed low motility which has worried me!

ive not let on to him though as i feel hes embarrassed its 'his fault' we havnt concieved yet- ive told him its nobodys fault but deep down im unsure i believe that myself : (


  • Dummymummy, we've all been there! I'm so up and down, earlier this week I was despondant, ready to give up and feeling down about the whole situation. Not a great deal has changed in my situation, but I now feel much more positive. So what does that say about things? My perspective seems to have more to do with my mood than my situation!

    I did a silly HPT this a.m, just because I'm playing rugby later and its a daft excuse to do one! BFN, of course, but there's a slight chance that I'm 6dpo, so even if I was, it wouldn't show up. Part of me thinks I shouldn't play rugby, just incase, but the other half knows that I'm not pregnant, so it would just add to the upset at a BFN next week!

    Sorry, I've hijacked your thread now!

    We take on so much of the stress in this ttc milarky, trying not to make OH's feel responsible and considering their feelings. I know I went through a whole host of emotions, from complete empathy with no hint of blame, to "if its his fault, I'm divorcing him!"!!! I think I'm actually happier knowing its me that has the problem now, which is crazy!

    I don't think there's anything I can say to make you feel better, but you will, and probably sooner than you think! xxx
  • Just wanted to add *hugs*, as WM says we all know exactly how you feel.

    I felt just like this last week, but have managed to pick myself up and now feel more positive about things. I think it helps having appointments etc, even if your hubbys' SA isn't as good as you'd like, identifying it is a step along the way towards your baby and I say get all the help you can!

    As for blame, I felt it was all my fault coz I have been hugely overweight, but I have lost this weight, still not pregnant and now I am blaming hubby as he is still overweight and I have times when am really mean to him - God only knows how he puts up with me!!

    Anyway am sure this hasn't helped, just wanted to let you know you are not alone!!! xxx
  • thanks ladies. I seem to have up/down days lately, i generally try not to let it bother me but i everyone around me seems to be pregnant and it happened so quickly for them its just not fair image

    lol i sound like a child i know

    Hubbys been for his repeat SA so in two weeks am hoping well know what/if we have a plan of action.

    Im thinking the result will pretty much stay the same and we'll be referred somewhere down the system i guess!

    Im pretty peeved with hubby as he seemingly made no effort to improve his SA results this time around, he continued to drink and eat shit despite advice not to. Hes also stopped taking the vitamins we bought together.

    Im not sure where is heads at, he says hes been trying but hasnt image

  • Hi Dummymummy,

    We're waiting on SA results and I have no idea how I will feel if it comes back low count low motility etc. I think it will be crap because he would feel like its all his fault and he'l be scared of me leaving him for another man. Low sperm count couples normally get IVF dont they?
  • hiya mad_for_bump its so awful going through all this.

    My hubby had his second SA yesterday as his first showed low motility, everything else was fine apart from that.

    Hubbys trying to be positive but i know inside hes upset by it all. Fingers crossed well have good news when we go back to GP's in two weeks. xx

    How long have you been TTC? xx
  • I came off pill in april'09, so thats 22 months.

    We've done everything, ovulation smiley tests, legs in air, I pretty much know when I ovulate, we pretty much do the did then, and we have plenty of belly dancing through the month, we try to do it every other day but sometimes its 3 days in a row, break for two days or whatever. It important that we still have sex because we want to as suppose to 'todays the day'.

    I'll let you know how we get on with results, and I hope yours is ok. Why do you have to wait 2 weeks for results? I'm ringing the labs direct tomorrow to see if I can get results. husband only left sample in this morning!!
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