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No Clomid due to Weight...

Hi all,

I thought it might be easier to start a new thread about the latest chapter.

I have been looking forward to our 3rd appt with the Consultant at the fertility clinic ever since our last one at the beginning of Nov, when he said that once we had the results of my HSG and that was all fine, I would be put on Clomid to induce ovulation and this had a very good chance of succeeding. He was pleased with my weight loss and just told me to continue trying to lose weight and he would see me again in 2 months.

Well, I did everything I was asked, but, admittedly, with Christmas, I havn't lost any weight, in fact I put on 2kg, but then have lost 1kg of it again since. My BMI is now around 33.

The Dr I saw today now says that I cannot be given Clomid until I have my BMI down below 30, as it does not work in overweight women!!!!

Now, I know that I should be losing weight and I don't want to be a whinging fatty blaming all and sundry for my weight (I just eat too much, ok!) But I'm a very active person and pretty fit, so it is frustrating when you aren't losing it. But I'm annoyed that it wasn't mentioned that I HAD to lose weight, as I had all my hoped pinned on this appt and it was so upsetting to have that ripped away ao quickly.

Also, I'm not sure if it is actually true that Clomid doesn't work if your BMI is over 30. I could be wrong and I may well be corrected and won't mind it if I am, but I have never heard that before and would be interested to know if it is true, or if it was just an excuse to avoid an arguement about whether I should get it or not!!

I have calmed down a bit now, as I left the hospital in floods of tears looking like a complete idiot, immediately blamed my DH for not wanting a baby as much as I do (???!!!)and went shopping. Ironically, I bought a pretty, but comfy bra, which turned out to be a breast-feeding bra when I got it home and noticed the clips on it!!! How random is that?!

I might seem insensitive and blazee (sp?) about the whole thing, but it seems to be my coping mechanism, rather than wallow in misery. Any info would be appreciated xxxx


  • hiya windymiller- god that seems so harsh to prevent you taking clomid just because your overweight. Congrats on the current w/loss, i know its not easy.

    Ive put so much weight on over xmas its crazy! we have a GP appt in two weeks where i think we'll be referred to infertility clinic- so if i ever have to go on clomid im frigged as i feel my BMI is so high its unchartable image

    keep your chin up xxxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear your news. That is so bad that they didn't tell you! Well done on your weight loss though - that is great! I am sure you can lose more weight now that you know but I think it would have been an incentive for you if they had told you the specific BMI.

    You poor thing. I hope you feel better about it soon.

  • Windy miller, thats horrible for you. I think you've done brilliant loosing the weight you have already lost. so lots of encouragement to try and loose that extra bit!! I agree that the dr's should of told you that you have to be a certain BMI for clomid previously.

    I found lipobind very good at loosing a few pounds for my wedding 2yrs ago. my BMI about 22 and I just needed to loose a bit coz my dress was tiiiiight!!! Very fitted, and I felt like I was at my optimum weight and couldnt lose anymore but lipobind absorbs the fats from your meal so you dont get chance to absorb it yourself!!! Soups and fruit smoothies are good too. Keep a wee food diary and at end of the day write down what you ate. This made me realise just how much I snacked!

    Be positive! When is your next appointmaent?
  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your support. I think I am a lot calmer today, it was silly of me to pin my hopes on this, although I do feel let down that this was not even mentioned at my last appt AND he requested me return in 2 months-who can sensibly lose 2 stone in 2 months?!

    But at least I have a goal now, and losing weight can only be a good thing. Plus, you never know, I could get a natural BFP in that time.

    Windy xx
  • Hi WM,

    I'm sorry you weren't told this. I wasn't even weighed when i got my clomid or tracked so i think it;s luch of the draw. I know they don't give you ivf on nhs if your bmi is over 30.

    My mum has to have an operation on her legs and her snotty consultant told her she had to lose 3 stone in 3 months totally expecting he rto fail. She's on teh south beach diet and lost 2 stone so she can be so smug when she goes back.

    Have you looked at slimming world? Really easy to follow and don't have to starve x
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