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S.A. (TMI)

This is probably TMI:

Husband made sample this am, and in the pot it looked like smaller than his usual volume, and when I took it out of my bra it had changed to a watery consistancy and the colour was darker than the inital whitey colour. Is this normal?

It may have been a small volume because he felt pressure on doing the test.

His Gp will have results tomorrow apparently. I'm all nervous. I dont want him to think I'm nervous and havent told him what I thought of the sample.

Any thoughts? or advice? :?


  • Don't worry. My husbands was similar and results came back normal. I was worried about it being really runny but it's normal!

  • Thanks Laura, I guess we just have to b patient and wait. I hope its normal cause he'll be all annoyed if it not. He'd probably get very down with it.

    Fingers and toes crossed
  • my hubby was convinced there wasn't much in his sample and it came back fine. I think we have a tendancy to over-analyze a teensy bit, don't we?!? xx
  • lol thats probably true windy!!
  • No results today image

    will try tomorrow.
  • OMG!!!! My husband has a sperm-count of 159million!!!!!!!!! And its 66% motility (good) I'm all happy and he's so big headed now. He thinks we've been timing things wrong, and he might be right so from now on, except this month coz I cant b bothered, we going to have sex every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I might do ov tests again in a month or two to help with timing! image

    AS some of u might know we've been referred to a fertility clinic as we've been ttc 22months so I prob need more tests :roll: But hopefully we wont have to wait too long, xo
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