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Newbie....... Sorry is a little long

Hello evryone,

I have just joined on here today. I just wanted to say hello and hopefully gain a little well needed advice please.(sorry if that sounds cheeky).

The thing is i have PCO's and am overweight but am currently dieting to loose this. I went to my gp the other day to ask for a referal to the gynea as i have been ttc for 2.5 years and had no success getting pregnant. My gp knows i am dieting and have so far lost 1.5st but on the NHs i am still classed as obese :evil: . She said although i am doing well and am doing something about the weight some gyneas may tend to send people away till they are in the reccomended BMI bracket. This has frightened and gutted me and i was just wondering if anyone knows if i will be treated or sent away??? i am 27 and my OH is 10 years older than me so time is not realy on our side to wait.

So sorry this is long but any and all advice will be very helpful and appreciated!! Thanks in advance xx


  • Hi HopefulButterfly

    Welcome to the site! The ladies on here are lovely and you will get lots of support. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question but just wanted to say congratulations on the weight that you have already lost, that is a fantastic achievement! Given that you have proved you are serious about losing the weight I would have thought they would see you in gynae but, worse comes to the worse and they don't, with your determination it will not be long til you are going back with your BMI in the recommended bracket.

    Wishing you lots of luck hun XXX
  • Hi HopefulB,

    I am in a similar situation to you. But my GP still referred me. My BMI is 33 and I need to get below 30, but they have still done all the tests and I am going back in 3 months. If I have lost enough, I will be put on clomid. The time scale for this has been about 8 months, as we had our first referral appt in Aug (but took 3 months to come through).

    So I would say it is definitely worth pushing for ref, as you could lose a lot of weight in 8 months and they should be testing you partner too to see if there are any problems with him.

    The other requirement they have is no smoking, minimal drinking and you have to pass a kind-of risk assessment and be happy for your GP to share your personal info with the Fertility clinic (I think that is to filter out people from abusive families).

    Good luck xx
  • Hiya,

    Just to echo what the other girls have said, but I was hugely overweight and we were still referred and seen by gynae. All the blood tests, scans, SA, hsg etc can still be done even if you are overweight its just that they wont give you any treatment until your bmi is under 30.

    Mine was a shocking 41, its now 30 so am hoping to be referred back soon.

    Well done on your weight loss so far and keep going it will be worth it!!!

  • Hi

    nice to "meet" you!

    As with the other girls, my BMI wi over 30, not much but still over and I was reffered with no mention of my weight. I have had all of the tests and am now waiting for a referral to come through with the assisted conception unit and I am trying to get my BMI under 30.

    I bloody hate BMI though! I don't feel it is a very good indicator of health and fitness. I am heavy but I also know I am very fit and well with a high level of muscle and physically perfectly able to cope with a pregnancy (sorry, rant over!)

    Hope you've had a good weekend

  • Me too, Welsh!

    I know I can lose a stone, after all, I was that weight before I got married.

    But I just got a copy of the report through from my gynae, saying that "Tracy realises she needs to lose weight and knows she should be doing at least 20 mins brisk walking 3 x a week" What?!? I have 2 dogs, I walk A LOT and play rugby regularly (although less now, as hoping I might be pg!) Does she think I just sit on the sofa eating cake?!?
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