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Going for my IUI tommorrow.

After 3 long years I am going for my IUI tomorrow morning. I am trying to be positive but not too positive. I am scared, excited, happy. Thankful that this time has come.

The ovidrel has now made me somewhat uncomfy but getting through it. I am so nervous and anxious, I can't sleep or relax.


  • Wishing you loads of luck, try and keep as relaxed as you possibly can.

    Looking forward to hearing how your journey goes. I think IUI may be the next step for us so I will be keeping an eye out for your progress. (hope thats not too cheeky!!!)

    PMA image xxx
  • This cycle is bust, Tried yesterday and today for DH to do what he needs to do, but his pain is way to bad, he just had extensive shoulder surgery last week so everything dwindles as soon as he gets muscle spasms.. I am so ticked as he knew in dec when the 1st cycle would be and still let his surgery go on which could have waited another week, month..

    next period will start all over again. Hopefully the insurance company will still cover meds.. :cry:image
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