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ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally incompetent people!!

Hi everyone,

Please just let me vent as I'm sat here in tears and need to scream!


I've just had a call from my GP saying that my appointment on Monday has been 'rejected'?!?!?!?!?!

I have had 3 miscarriages and was referred to a consultant for recurrent miscarriages. My first appointment was meant to be on Monday.

I booked this nearly a month ago, and everything seemed fine. They gave me a list of 6 hospitals and I chose one.

They are now saying that the consultant has rejected my appointment, but also said it was a case for 'the fertility guys'! ARGH!!

So I don't know what she was getting at but so furious as I've been waiting for this for ages, planned the time off, babysitter for Ruby my journey etc.

She said I can go in for a chat with my GP, but I have no idea what this would achieve, my GP can't do anything except refer me!! She said she could send the paperwork to my local hospital and I just need to wait until they have a time to see me, and then the consultant still has the decision to accept or reject my appointment.

It was them who referred me and booked it!

My history if it makes a difference is 3 miscarriages,heart beat seen. 1 daughter before all this, although had all the same problems at 16 weeks when the said I was losing her. THank God she held on.

I have no idea what any of this means, please if you do, shed some light.

I'm so angry and upset!!! xx


  • Oh my god! What else do you have to go through bloody "qualify"??? That is totally crazy and why it's a case for the fertility guys I don't know as the issue isn't about you getting pregnant.

    What a bunch of idiots. I would complain like hell and demand to know why it has been rejected. I think i'd e-mail the consultant or his sec directly as you're more likely to get an answer.

    Have you googled the NICE guideline? I took them to every appointment so I could quote them chapter and verse in case they tried to fob me off. Sure they have to refer you after 3 m/c.

    You have every right to be furious xxx
  • Thanks hun,

    I will google the NICE guidelines. They have said it's a fertility issue as the pregnancies are all unsuccessful?!?!?!

    I took 8 months to conceive the last one but can't help but think they wont do anything to help with that side of things.

    Soooo fed up now!

    Hope you and bump are well. Can't wait to see scan piccys! xx
  • That is awful. like they're fobbing you off from one set of people to the next. Are you asking to be referred to fertility clinic? Maybe they'll have a bit of common sense. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by our consultant and how pro-active he was.

    We're good thanks, had 12 week scan yesterday. Can't believe it's real still as never though i'd get to this stage. About to upload pic in August xx
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