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Metaformin Magic

Ok - so it isn't quite a BFP but after far too many months I have finally had good old Aunty Flow show up. image My system is waking up ladies even if it is behaving in a very teenager like way with the old symptoms! Here's hoping that it may now get into some sort of a rhythm and maybe, just maybe...


  • Wooooo hoooooo!!!

    This is briliant news, you must be so happy. I did post you a message the other day to see how you were going and if there was any sign but I think it has slipped onto the next page of threads.

    Anyhow, hope it's not too painful, I am currently suffering from horrific period pains! Not to worry, Friday tomorrow!

  • Yay! I have lost count of cycle days, its been so long since I've seen af!

    Can't say I havn't thought about taking some of my DH's metformin!! (He has type 2 diabetes, not pcos!)

    Glad its working for you guys

  • Thank you image - it has been really full on but such a relief to see. Welsh - side effects have really changed now. Hardly any stomach upsets. Now finding it is incredibly sore boobs and a lot of sharp twinges just above my pelvis - both sides. The weight is beginning to come off easily as well. Only made a few small food related changes, trying to keep it fairly low GI, and it seems to be working.

    Windy - glad to see your DH doesn't have PCOS :lol:
  • Great news for you, as a fellow PCOS sufferer I completely understand where you are coming from. I have got a couple of great GI diet books, one in particular by Helen Foster has a great plan for eating with loads of yummy recipes (and I am a veggie and it covers that)- very cheap on amazon at the mo. lol I sound like I am on commission xx
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