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Starting on Provera and Clomid FINALLY!!!!



  • Hi Girls

    Still no AF but dont want to get my hopes up.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16, AF was pretty much non existent and nothing changed when I had my son. We were TTC No2 for 7 months before I went back to doctors, they referred me straight back to the clinic and I was given the clomid without any questions at all really, took a note of my weight and thats about it. I've read on here about the problems some people are having just getting their dr to refer them to a clinic, I have to say mine has been really good. Xx
  • Thats great that your doctor is being so good. I really hope your AF doesnt show and you get your BFP!

    Are you being monitored at all while your on clomid? This is the one thing that is bothering me as I am not being monitored or offered a scan to check how things are going. Last time I was on clomid I fell PG with twins and im just getting abit anxious about the thought of a multiple pregnancy. Twins I would love but the thought of anymore scares me! But I suppose im at that point where we have been TTC for so long I would take 5 babies over none, lol.


  • I have my fingers crossed for u two that AF doesn't show but u get ur BFP's instead.

    Thanks Sweetie I'l get my FA from there next time.

    I'm starting my provera tomorrow was going to today but figured the dates might b better if I start tomo. Fingers crossed.

    I can understand why ur anxious about multiple pregnancy Hun.

    I'd love to have twins, but only time will tell. Just one little bubba would b lovely!!

    BB has ur AF started yet? How u feeling?

  • Thanks hun, me too AF is due sunday I really hope she doesnt show! I just want the week to hurry up and fly by now as I am so desperate to test but I refuse to do it before sunday. Iv had a really positive feeling over the last few days thinking that maybe we had done it but not feeling as positive today.

    Do they say that your immune system is low in early PG because in the past week and half I have had 2 bouts of D&V and a cold and tonight have an ear infection coming on so must have a very low immune system at the mo : (

    Good luck with startng provera 2mro, have you taken clomid before faye?


  • The first time on clomid I was booked in for a scan in my first cycle, however it was cancelled and the next month I was prgnant anyway, I also had my bloods taken on CD21 and CD28 on the first cycle to check hormone levels. This time round the date for a scan fell over xmas and I was told they couldnt fit me in over the holidays. I have an appt every two months with my nurse but other than that i'm pretty much on my own really.

    I try not to think about the risk of multiple pregnancy. Maybe I should, a toddler and twins sounds like a lot of hard work but it would be worth it.

    Not sure if you read my first post, my nurse told me on that in most cases (no medical evidence just what she finds with her patients) you conceive on the same cycle as you did previously, so maybe we'll both get our BFP's this month.

    FAYE - My fingers are crossed for you also.

  • Ooh really thats interesting, I fell PG on my 2nd cycle of clomid last time and on my 2nd now so FC that your nurse is right!!

    Has your AF showed yet or have you tested?

    That would be fab if we both got BFP's on 2nd month again, we would be due around same time and could be bump buddies!

    Would be fab to have a bump buddy who also had a clomid bean that had been through similar things.

    How old is your little one?

    Faye-Hows the provera going?


  • No AF yet, haven't tested either. I was told clomid can give a false positive result and not to test myself. If i get to day 42 without AF showing i've to go into the clinic for a test. Take it this isn't the case for you? I'm so tempted to test tho but dont want to get my hopes up then to be told i'm not actually PG.

    My wee one is nearly 20 months old and a handful. They grow up too fast, feels like just yesterday he was a tiny baby, now he just wants to do everything himself. Xx
  • Welcome Maisymoo! Nice to have another friend in here :0) Sorry I haven't been on in a few days ladies, I have just been anxiously awaiting my AF, but still not much of anything image. I had. Little spotting last night and today, so I'm praying that it should start tomorrow. I told hubby that we need to bd tonight to help me start lol he says that it won't do any good, but it will still be fun trying. I get my FA from my doctor and I have a med. card so it pays for it, but my Clomid isn't covered since it's not a "necessity" so we have already bought it and it's just taunting me, sitting in my cabinet waiting for me to use it! Lol Maisymoo and Sweetie I hope you get your BFPs this cycle!! Faye good luck with your Provera. I hope that it works quickly for you, I really do regret not finishing all 10 days of mine because today would have been day 10 so it's pointless that I stopped it anyways. I might be absent from here this weekend bc my sons birthday is Saturday and mine is Sunday so I may be a little preoccupied, but I will definitely Che k in with you all and see how things go!!! Hope you ladies all have a nice weekend, and baby dust to you!!!!
  • I doing this on my I phone which makes it difficult to see who has written what!! But I will try my best!

    How is everyone any sigh if AF? BFP?

    Iv never had Clomid before, am hoping it works first cycle but who know! Is anyone else using anything too track ov? I'm going to use Opk as Iv heard ov can b all over the place on Clomid and because hubby us away a lot would b gd to know the best time to bd!

    Second day of provera, and I just wanna get to day 7 I'm going to take the whole course I reckon and hopefully I'l get AF just after. BB sounds like ur AF is on way, so that's gd can get started on Clomid then!!

  • Faye-I'm actually using my phone too so it def gets hard to see everything on here lol soooo bd'ing last night worked!!! I had a little spotting right afterwards and when I woke up this morning AF was here! Never thought I'd be so happy to see her lol I do have some cramping that is a little worse than usual, but I am just looking forward to Clomid so I'm not going to complain. I do plan on using OPKs. I actually am going to have my hubby grab some tonight, we use a 30 day supply that comes in a round tube-like thing, and each test is just a long thin strip and the tube has a color code on it that makes it easy to compare the test to make sure it is positive or negative. I can't remember what the brand is though. I'm hoping they will work. I'm suppose to take clomid from days 3-7, what days are all of you taking it? My doc isn't supervising my cycle either but I wish he was! I think it would be easier that way so that I could know if it was working, instead of waiting around to test. Good luck with your Provera image
  • Hi there

    i am hoping that the doc will give me some medication on tues when i go as i have not had a proper period since my mc last march!!!! I had a d and c done in Dec to try and regulate things but nothing :cry: i feel like i have been in limbo for a year now waiting for af going to scans and having bloods done! They did mention a possibility of pcos but are yet to confirm anything. However i am determined to get something done on tues and if not i think i am going to get a second opinion or may go private! So hopefully i will have some news on tues for you and can continue on our ttc journey xxx image
  • Hey girls,

    BB great to hear that your AF has arrived and you can started on the clomid, exciting stuff! I would suggest taking it at night though as it can have some side effects and I find taking it at night I dont seem to suffer as much.

    Maisy-I had no idea that clomid could give a false positive, I am not being monitored by anyone whilst taking so I am testing myself, so will be really paranoid if its positive now lol.

    Faye- Hope the next few days go quickly for you so you can get cracking with the clomid. I havent been tracking OV just making sure we BD at least every couple of days so we dont miss anything lol. If we dont have any joy this month then I will use OV sticks next month as it is our last try with the clomid next month.

    Hi leanne welcome and good luck with your appointment, hope you get the results you want.


  • That's brill BB!! I know it's Sooo weird actually being excited about AF!! Hhaaa!

    I was told to take Clomid from day 2-6 wonder why it's different days from different docs, surely it should b the same for everyone! I guess it's not that much different in days.

    I'm really excited for u hub fingers crossed for first cycle Clomid baby!!

    Leanne hope u get the answers u want from ur appt. I felt so much better after my appt, was so happy she just prescribed provera and Clomid!

    Thanks sweetie how r u?
  • Leanne-welcome! It is definitely frustrating when doctors can't just fix things right away. I was with my OB for the past 10 years and asked him numerous times if he'd test me for PCOS, I ven had a lap done and he never could tell me. I switched OBs last august and he diagnosed me with PCOS within a week! He also did more tests on me than my other OB did in 10 years! I'm so thankful he gave me Clomid after 2 years of trying. Good luck and I hope they give you some answers and some medicine!

    Sweetie-thank you. I will definitely take it at night. I am so nervous about the side effects, but I'm even more ready to be pregnant, so I will just deal with it.

    Faye-It's def weird being so excited for it lol. I have read that it's better to take Clomid early in a cycle bc it produces more follicles and uterine lining is better, but the later days (5-9) produce less follicles but they are supposedly bigger. I also read that the earlier days give you more of a chance of multiples. I'm not positive about any of that, but I did read it on more than one website. I guess only time will tell!! I really wish I was being monitored while taking this, I just feel like I'll have a better handle on things, but since I'm not I guess I will just rely on OPKs. Although I plan on just bd'ing every other day in case I don't end up getting a positive opk. Good luck to you all and I really hope we all get our BFPs!!!!
  • I really owt to read up about Clomid I don't really know anything about it!!

    But sounds gd, I just have my fingers crossed it works for us all.

    Have ur period pains died down at all Hun?

  • Hi ladies,

    I took mine from days 2-6 so does that mean a higher chance of multiples lol. I dont think i could cope with more than one, 2 would be nice but NO MORE haha.

    Well AF is due today and no signs of her yet so fingers crossed she doesnt show, last month she was here when I woke up in the morning so I hope this is a good sign?

    I am sooo tempted to test but OH is out until about 5pm today and he really wants to be here when I do test so have to try and be good til later, oh god its so hard!!

    Maisy any signs of your AF yet or have you given in and tested??

    BB- I feel exactly the same about not being monitored, did u see one of the other posts where the lady had 5mature follicles and they told her to abstain from BD'ing because it was too dangerous? This is constantly on my mind and I keep thinking what if i end up with 5 babies?? Then i reason with myself that I would be happy to have 5 babies as opposed to 0, lol.

    Faye- clomid is good, when i fell PG before I regarded it as my wonder pill, when it works it really works. The last time I started takling about was 2 years ago and before I did I couldnt fall PG with one baby but after a couple of rounds of clomid we had twins in there. UF it didnt work out but it gave me that bit of hope that there was something that could be done to help me.


  • Have u tested yet sweetie??? Ur so good waiting!!

    I think being monitored would b gd but I could afford to keep taking the time off work for the scans!! But don't get me wrong if they suggested I should I would but they never mentioned it to me.

    Maisey how are u any sign? Have u tested?

    BB you'l b taking ur first Clomid soon won't u?

    I'd actually LOVE to have twins, if I had more I'd love it too! But I'd actually love to have twins.

  • Well iv tested and it was Negative : (

    No idea whats going on then as still no sign of AF. Really disappointed but I suppose its not over until she shows!


  • Hi girls

    Sorry I've not been on for a few days, been busy getting prepared for a friends wedding tomorrow and it's my birthday today so had a busy day.

    Temptation got the better of me, I tested and got my BFP imageimage So excited but still a bit weary of it being a false positive. I have to wait til next Monday before I go into the clinic to be tested. Fingers crossed its still positive. I'll be testing myself everyday until then lol.

    Sweetie - Sorry to hear that. Can I ask which PG test you used? Only reason I'm asking is I've tested 4 times, twice with CB digital both were positive and twice with supermarket own brand, first was negative, however I tested in the evening and the second was first thing this morning which was positive, lines were very faint tho. Not sure if the cheaper tests are of less quality. I know i'm rambling on a bit, hope all that makes sense. Maybe you should test first thing in the morning, think thats the best time to test so early on.

    Hope everyone is good and get BFP's soon. Xxx
  • Sorry to hear that sweetie. But like u said isn't over yet! It might just b too early some people don't get there BFP till bit later.

    Omg that's amazing new Maisey!! What a lovely bday present!!

    So pleased for u, fingers crossed we will all b right behind u

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