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Starting on Provera and Clomid FINALLY!!!!



  • Maisey-congratulations!!!!! And happy birthday!!! My birthday was today also and I took my first Clomid pill, so I guess we both had great birthdays image. I wish you a very very happy and healthy 9 months image

    Sweetie-so sorry about the BFN, but don't give up!! Maybe it's just too early. You could very well still be pregnant especially since no AF has came yet. I'll be praying for good news for you!

    Faye-I started my Clomid tonight. Since we had my son's birthday party and my birthday dinner today I waited until 9:30 at night to take it and so far (3 hours later) I have no side effects. I've had a headache all evening already so I don't really think it's any worse from the Clomid, but I'm not getting my hopes up as there may be side effects when I take the rest of them. How are you doing with the Provera? Oh and my cramping subsided yesterday so it was only uncomfortable for the first 2 days, thank God!!! I was so miserable. Since I only took 5 and ended up with my AF, I know that your 10 days will work! Good luck! I can't wait for the rest of us to get some good news image
  • So I have noticed a strange side effect after taking my 2nd pill tonight. I started getting a tension headache in the back of my head and the nape of my neck felt pretty tight too. I didn't realize it was from the Clomid until it happened again tonight and I googled it and actually found quite a few other women with the same side effect. It's not horrible, just slightly uncomfortable. So how are you ladies doing? How was your Valentines day?
  • Hey BB

    How many days did it take for ur AF to turn up after taking Provera? How many days did it last?

    Tomo will b my last day of provera!! I'm Sooo excited!!

    Sorry to hear ur having a slight side effect Hun, hopefully it won't become unbearable.

    Bet ur so excited! I'm worried that I have such high expectations that I'l fall quietly, that I'm going to b disappointed if it does!

    I guess I'l just have to take it one month at a time!!

    Even more annoying though is hubby won't b around for the second cycle. So should I not take the Clomid for that month?

    I'm sure the doc said I could so's not too waste the Clomid. But what if I don't get a AF!!! Oohh it's Sooo confusing!! X x
  • It only took 5 days after my 5th pill for AF to start and it's barely lasted for 5 days, I'm pretty sure today will be my last day bc it's been extremely light. I feel exactly the same as you. I am excited but I also feel like I've gotten my hopes up too high and I will be very disappointed if it doesn't work. I'm basically telling myself that it will happen. I am going to go buy my OPKs tomorrow, but I will probably wait to bd until at least Thursday or Friday. I probably would not take it the month your DH will be gone, but you could still get your pills and hold on to them until the following month. But let's just hope that it works on the first cycle and neither of us will need it for a 2nd cycle image
  • Now I have no idea what is going on with my cycle. I said yesterday was my last day, well I didn't have any bleeding all morning, and this afternoon it's back to being bright red! Almost as bad as cycle day 1 image. We only have 3 days until we are actually suppose to start bd'ing, but we won't be able to if AF is still here. I'm so frustrated with all of this now, what should I do?
  • So I would think AF might turn up Monday then hopefully!

    I prob won't take Clomid for the month he isn't here then I'm sure the doc said I could too. But like u said hopefully neither of us will need the second months worth!!

    Aw Hun I don't know about that, maybe it wad a bit of red blood sorta left that's just coming out but ul b finished tomo or fri.

    X x x
  • I'm keeping my fingers crossed that AF shows soon for you!!! I've got an appt with my doctor Monday to check follicles even though he never told me to make an appt for that. The nurse said that my chart said he wanted to see me for a 21 day progesterone check and when I told her I didn't make an appt for that she sounded pissy with me. So I told her to go ahead and make it for 21 days, and she said I shouldn't wait that long. Monday will only be CD11 so I'm not sure what they'll even be able to see on a scan. I've been pretty dizzy and a little nauseous today, but I'm still looking forward to some good results. At this point it's worth it to me. I hope you get to start on your Clomid sooon!!!!
  • Sweetie how are things going with you? I've been thinking about you, I hope you got your BFP and not AF.

    Faye-AF stopped once again so I think you may have been right. I found a clomid ovulation calculator and it said that I should expect to ovulate between the 22-27th of February!! I definitely hope this works!!! I'm nervous about my appt Monday bc I think it will be too early to see anything and they are going to bring my hopes down. Oooor maybe they could tell me if I should ovulate just by looking at my follicles. I had an ultrasound on my overies last week and my left ovary had a bunch of tiny cysts on it, so maybe at least a couple of those will turn into a healthy egg? I'm not sure how all of that works, but I plan on googling it lol
  • Hey girls,

    Sorry not been on for a few days. AF got me on Tuesday and just been a little bit down in the dumps about it as we now only have one more months worth of clomid!!

    Starting clomid tablets again tonight so will be using OV sticks this month to make sure we catch it as its our last chance.

    Where are u all in your cycles now?


  • BB glad AF stopped for u! Bet u can't wait to get cracking with the bding!!

    Whats the Clomid ovulation calculator? Not heard of it!?

    Aw sweetie so sorry AF showed. I have my fingers crossed for ur next cycle. Where monitored at all on Clomid? Did they not suggest to up the Clomid?

  • Sweetie-I'm also sorry to hear about AF. I'm sure this cycle will be the lucky one!! I'm currently on CD7 today and will be taking my last Clomid pill tonight. I went and bought a 20-day supply of ov. strips and I just took my first one which was obviously negative. I figured it would be, but I've started having some twinges in my left ovary, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I figured I'd test. Did you have any ovarian pain while you were still taking the pills?

    Faye-I am overly excited to start bd'ing!!! Although I still want to give it another day just to be safe, but we aren't due to start trying for 3 more days. I'm wondering now if I'll even get an accurate result with the OPKs since I've got PCOS. Either way, I plan on bd'ing at least every other day and of course if I get a + OPK or any ovulation pains. What cycle day are you on now? Here's the website with the Clomid calculator:
  • I took my last pill at 9:30 this evening and about a half hour later I started having horrible stomach cramps that have lasted all night. I am not positive if it is from the pill alone or if it just upset my stomach after I ate, but either way I am hoping that it's better tomorrow. My ovarian pain went away pretty soon after my last post and I'm hoping that was just from stimulation to my ovary image. I am anxious for Monday to get here so that (hopefully) my doctor can tell me if my follicles are maturing. Let's go Clomid!!!! image
  • Heya BB Iv been feeling very crampy the last feel days so hopefully AF is enroute! Weds was my last day taking proversa so hopefully AF should arrive soon, now I'm starting to worry she won't!! Aagghh why is life never easy!!

    How u feeling now Hun? Not long now till u can proper get started hunny!!

    I know what u mean about Opk as Iv only tried them for one month, however I dud get a pos. I was using the cbd ones with smiley face made it easier than guessing with lines!!!

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Sounds like she's well on her way!!! I'd guess either Sunday or Monday and shell be there!! I am so excited to start!!!! Tomorrow is the "official" day that we get to start trying, although we slipped up and bd'd last night and we might tonight as well bc I think my son might be staying with Grandma for the night image. I've used my OPKs everyday for 3 days, yesterday was the only day that the line was darkish, but it was still a negative test. Tomorrow is the day I should have started them bc clomid affects the tests, so I read that it's best to wait for 2 days after Ur last pill before you start OPKs, but I'm a hard head!!! Lol. I'm praying that my line will continue to get darker and eventually lead to 2 lines on a HPT!!! My follicle appt is Monday so I will be sure to let you know how it goes!! I'll be praying that AF comes for you!!

    Sweetie how are you doing? I hope all is well with you. What mg of Clomid are you on now? I was reading about a 20 year old girl who conceived on her first cycle of 50mg and she had triplets!!! I'll would gladly take 2 but triplets would be scary bc of all the complications of the actual pregnancy. I just hope I'll be blessed enough to have at least 1 more. Good luck this cycle and happy bd'ing!!!
  • Hi girls, sorry not been online for a while.

    Sweetie - Sorry to hear about AF. My fingers are crossed for you this month. x

    I've been reading your recent posts, you all seem to be monitored alot more than I am while on clomid. I was given 4 months worth of clomid, told to ring on for appt if I get to day 42 or if AF arrives continue with the clomid. I've never had any kind of tests or scans. Must just depend on where you live I suppose.

    Still not seen my nurse for my "official" PG test, she's on holiday until Tuesday so I'm hoping I get an appt for this wed. I'm just a bit paranoid about this false positive she kept going on about, so will hopefully know for sure next week.

    Hope you are all lucky this month and get your BFP's. Xxx
  • Maisy-I actually didn't think that I was suppose to be monitored at all either. When I left my doc's office he handed me my prescription and my chart to follow and told me to call if I got a negative test so that he could up my dose. I called in to his office to ask a question and his nurse rudely told me that he said he wanted to see my for a 21 day progesterone check but he never told me that. I am wondering now if he will go ahead and also give me a trigger shot if I need it. I would certainly not listen to anyone telling you that your tests might not be accurate, or at least dont let yourself get down about it. I'm sure that you're really pregnant, have you taken more than one test? I just googled it and a lot of the info I found said that you could get a false positive if you had an HCG trigger shot but you didn't have that right? It also said that if you take numerous tests over the course of a few days and they're all positive more than likely you're pregnant. I hope everything goes well so that you can start enjoying your much deserved pregnancy image. Keep us updated on how you're doing and how your blood test comes out!!! Who knows, maybe you'll get twins!!! image. I forgot to ask, did you have any ovarian twinges or odd feelings in the beginning of your cycle? I've had a slight pain in both ovaries off and on for the last couple days and I'm only on CD9. My last pill was taken on CD7, so could these feelings possibly mean that my follicles are being stimulated? I have also had a slight crampy feeling today, but negative OPKs. Also, did you use OPKs? Sorry for the long post lol
  • No AF for me yet but did have a little bit of creamy pink which I hope is the start of AF, so fingers crossed! Iv felt very tired and my tummy has felt very bloated and hard! Was a bit constipated last night!!!

    I'm not being monitored either well not by scans have to book in for 21 day bloods but that's all.

    Sweetie Iv never heard of false positives with Clomid, I know u must b worrying but I'm sure u r pg. Like BB asked have u taken more than one test?

  • BB - I didn't have many side effects from clomid apart from sore boobs and I also had really strange dreams (not sure if thats anything to do with the clomid tho). I did have the usual pains just before AF arrived. I had a trigger shot back in December but surely that wouldn't still effect a PG test, do you think? I'm not sure why my nurse goes on about false postive results. I've taken a few tests over the past week, all have been positive and I kinda feel pregnant too, few crampy pains, sore nipples and the smell of coffee makes me want to be sick. I'll just need to wait til my appt next week to find out for sure. I told not to use OPK's, ovualtion could be all over the place and just to BD every other night. I did try them a few times tho on my first clomid cycle, all came back neg.

    Faye - Sounds like AF is gonna arrive pretty soon. I also had a creamy pink the day before AF arrived. Hope it arrives tomorrow so you can get started on the clomid.

  • Faye-I hope that AF has started for you and your crampiness has wnt away or atleast gotten better.

    Sweetie-I don't think your trigger shot would give you a false positive since you got it in December. I think the nurse probably just has to tell you that as a precaution, but you def sound pregnant. I hope she can get your bloodwork done tomorrow so that you dot have to worry about it, but I really have a good feeling that your tests are accurate. I spoke with the receptionist at my dr office today and she said they aren't even doing a follicle check!! She said it was only a follow up so now I don't know if they're going to check anything at all. I guess I will just have to see, luckily I only have an hour to wait, I'll post again afterwards to keep everyone updated image
  • Well no AF yet..... Starting to worry proversa isn't going to work for me! I really thought she'd have arrived by now!!!

    Maisey Iv never heard of of false pos when on Clomid. Like BB said I defi think ur pg Hun. Keep us informed hunny, I'm sure u r pg.

    BB how'd it go Hun?

    How's everyone feeling?

    I'm feel pretty low tbh thought AF would b here by now had a terrible weekend and not feeling too well!!! Everything seemed to b going down hill!!! Ggrrr

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