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Starting on Provera and Clomid FINALLY!!!!



  • Oh sweetie that's awful Hun, I know what UTI ate like horrible! Hope it gies soon and u feel better soon.

    Hopefully in 3 weeks or so ul have ur BFP and this is all a distant memory!!

    All ok with me so far on cd4 and feeling like cd28 or cd35 or what ever it will b us sssoooo far away!!

    Not feeling any side effects yet so that's Gd.

    X x x
  • Hi!

    After 2 and a half years TTC and a million tests I was finally prescribed chlomid. I was given 6 months and had blood tests to see if I was beginning to ovulate. The chlomid did make me ovulate but I didn't get pregnant. I went back to the hospital where I was told the only thing they could do would be to refer me for ivf. As it seemed I had 'unexplained infertility' I was devastated. After some encouragment I managed to persuade the doctor to give me another prescription for 3 months more chlomid. Finally on the last cycle I got pregnant and am due early September.

    Lots and lots of luck everyone, I know how rubbish it can be! X
  • Faye-you're right, I tend to live on google lol I do look everything up, but now I'm just going to sit back and wait because the pain/pressure in my uterus is gone now so I don't think I've got a chance this cycle. I'm actually ok with it now bc alot of women need more than one round. I'm glad you're feeling better now and I hope the time passes quickly so that you can get your BF+! Thanks for the invite to the thread, I will definitely check it out.

    Sweetie-sorry to hear about your UTI, those things are very painful. Hopefully the meds will work for you. Clomid can have crazy side effects like that but it's very rare, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure this will be your lucky cycle!!!! I hope things look up for you image

    Sltomo-Congratulations!!! I love reading stories like yours because it keeps me motivated to keep trying and not give up. I don't think the first round is going to work for me either. I've got a good feeling about round 2 with 100mg. Hopefully we can all be as blessed as you!!! Are you having just one baby? I would love to have twins image
  • BB u just never know Hun don't rule out anything, I bet u got ur BFP now uv said that. Like u said before the scan might have been like that because ud already ov.

    If Iv learnt anything while TTC nothing ever goes the way u expect!!!

    Sltomo that's brilliant, congratulations hunny. How exciting. It's always so nice too hear success stories. Hope the pregnancy is gd well.

    X x
  • Thanks everyone, just wanted to give you all some encouragement. I had given up really and sick of the whole process. It took 5 pregnancy tests and an early scan for me to really believe that I was actually pregnant. Just one baby for me, twins would have been great but never mind!!

    Sarah x
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  • I know this is late but congratulations!!! I've just started my first round this month of Clomid and waiting for a scan next week to see if any follicles have matured. Then hopefully test on the 10th of March of my monthly periods haven't come by then. 

  • I've been prescribed clomid which is fine I was told to take it for 5 days which I have been and now I have a letter to say I need to have Provera to induce my period because there on existent! I'm so confused as my gyno never mentioned the other tablet just clomid so not sure what to do :/

  • Thats odd! I'm taking provera first for 5 days and its been my second day and its not going too well. I felt light headed last night and then woke up with really bad stomach pains and vomiting. Every time I eat I get stomach pains. 

    Normally it's provera for 5-10days  then clomid on days 2 to 6 of periods. Provera is just to induce the periods but if ur getting it naturally then I wouldn't bother. Although I have read many success stories with both taken together. 

    good luck keep me updated on what happens. Its best to give your Dr a call and explain the situation xxx 

  • Hi Girls,

    We had our first fertility appointment 2 weeks ago where I was prescribed Provera for 5 days to be followed by Clomid.

    My Gynae told me that clomid should be taken CD2-6 with CD2 being the day after my withdrawal bleed starts.

    I've just been reading over the info they sent me away with and it says that Clomid should be started 2 days after finishing Provera.

    I've followed what the doctor said and waiting to start Clomid until day 2 of bleeding but I'm a little worried that I might have messed this round up by not starting it 2 days after finishing Provera. 

    Any advice or opinions are really appreciated :) xx

  • Heyyy, well my nurse told me to do the same as yourself on days 2 - 6... I only needed to take provera for the first month then after that it came naturally for the next few month. I really do wish u the best, it worked for me on the second month but sadly going through a miscarriage at the moment. Don't give up if it doesn't work straight away . It will happen x 

  • Hi guys, I’ve just started provera 10mg twice a day and chlomid, I’m 24 and ttc with iui... any info on the provera and chlomid? anyone preg first time? Sorry new on here! Thanks 

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