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I've not been on here in ages but have been TTC since Oct 2008.

I've tried everything...and have recently been taken off of Clomid - which blood tests showed I was OVing. SInce cominf off the Clomid I have just had a 29 day cycle (big improvement for me) and and currently on CD9.

The next steps for us is IVF however, before we do that, we have taken the plunge and purchased a Duofertility Monitor.

Yes, I know it's expensive, but a lot cheaper than IVF and something worth trying in our opinion.

Does anyone on here have any experiences of using Duofertility or have/know of any success stories?

Any info would be really appreciated image

Thanks xx


  • Hi ya,

    I am also considering purchasing DF as our next step. I submitted a similar post to yours under the 'Pregnancy after Infertility' forum but only had one reply. I am also curious about success rates, particularly anyone who has unexplained infertility.

    We have been TTC no2 for over 2 years now and tests show nothing wrong with either of us. We conceived no1 with no trouble at all so this wait for her sibling is very frustratingimage

    Have you started using it yet? How are you getting on with it?

    Good luck to you! x
  • hi,

    I have a duofertility monitor too, and as I have been diagnosed with very low ovarian reserve for my age, i have also bought the clearblue monitor.image... however last cycle ( whyich was my first one) ... I didn't get a peak result from the it would suggest that I have not ovulated.image

    imagebut my duofertility predicted my fertile days and confirmed ovulation. I think that this was right, but I am a bit confused.image

    Have you used both together? which one is most accurate?

    I am writting about my experiences here if that helps anyone:


    did you guys get pregnant using it? I can see that you posted this a few months ago.

  • Hi babyquest

    How old are you and how long TTC?

    DF didn't work for me in the end but after the 12mths I had further tests which showed low AMH. I was told that meant poor egg quality but some say if means quantity. I then went on to have IVF and luckily this was successful first time and I am now 10wks pregnantimage

    For two cycles of using DF I used OPKtoo which showed thd peak and this did coincide with the fertile period. I can only assume that off my eggs were good enough it would have worked. I would recommend trying DF to anyone who a) is impatient; b) is young but been trying a while; c) knows they don't have sperm/egg problems but maybe irregular cycles

    Good luck!
  • hi,

    That is fab,

    I was told that I couldn't do IVf as I wouldn't respond well to the treatment.

    I am just 30, but my AMH is super low... I took my test to see how long I could wait before we have to start trying to get pregnant. And I am glad I did. I have therefore put some of my plans on hold to try now as I really want a family. I have just been trying for a month... so I will give it a few more before I try to find an other IVF clinic that will accept me.

    I hope that I will not need it.

    To be honest the duofertility team had advised me that my chances were very low given my amh, and that I should be looking at all my options without delay. I am a bit of a control freak, so I have got 2 monitors duo and clear blue...and I am going to try for a few month before I move on.

    However I get there I hope that I will get pregnant before the end of the year.

    I hope that you have a really good pregnancy.

  • My consultant put me on DHEA which at first I'm sure he said was to help improve the quality of the eggs, he last said it was to improve the DNA.  He said that with some (lucky) women they fall pregnant during the 3 months of taking it before starting IVF.  I wasn't ready to start IVF after 3 months so I was taking it for about 8 before treatment.  He really thinks it helped though.  I only had 3 eggs collected but they all fertilized so maybe it did.

    I hope the monitors will help you but if you're AMH is super low then I wouldn't delay pushing for further treatment.  I only wish I'd found out my levels earlier.  They didn't test me for that until I'd been TTC 3 years, when I'd been with the consultant for well over a year.  It annoyed me it isn't one of the first things they test for seeing as they do a blood test at the beginning anyway.

    Thank you.  I hope you also get lucky soon! x

  • Thank you,

    I had heard about ovarian reserve and I paid for this test myself through my GP.

    I am so glad that I tested, I completely agree that gps should do this immediately when we start trying.

    I will not wait for too long but I want to see if I can get pregnant myself...maybe 3 or 4 months. I will definitely not want to wait for 3 years. Thank you for your advice. I will keep you posted.




  • I wasn't offered DHEA as my doctor was rubbish and I sometimes wonder if that would have made a difference. Anyhow, we have a lovely little 8 month old boy, so I'm not complaining. I hope things work out for you both.

  • I am very happy for you about your little boy. Maybe he would have arrived sooner, but at least you conceived.

    you can try it for your next pregnancy image


  • Don't be fooled. We have completed 12 month last month and difficulties we faced are:

    1) Monitor only records temperature, nothing else, £3 thermometer does the same.

    2) It does not predict Ovulation in advance. It only shows shaded area as likely ovulation which is often wrong if you have irregular period. Almost 10 out of 12 prediction we had was wrong. They notify actual ovulation few days later by email and blame technical issue.

    3)There is no expert advice what so ever, In last 12 months not single advice was given apart from ovulation notification after 3/4 days. We can't really turn the clock back and have intercourse.

    4) Sticky tabs are irritating, it leaves a pink/dark mark under your arm.

    5) We followed all their guidelines for money back guarantee, but they are now refusing to give it back.

    6) They have no intention to refund money.

    8) They are misguiding vulnerable couples and cheating with their hard earned cash.


    Stay away if you can. It i waste of time and money.

  • I agree with what Jane says. I bought this in desperation 2 years ago and applied for the 1 year money back guarantee. What I didn't realise was that after 12 months if you are not pregnant and do not qualify for the money back guarantee then the monitor is rendered useless (because you cant enter your temperatures onto the software and see when you ovulated) unless you pay a monthly rolling fee. I think they told me it was about ??50 per month. In my case I suffered a miscarriage 3 months after using it. I understand they have to make money from it some how but before I purchased it I made an effort to find out as much as possible about it as I could because it is such a considerable amount of money and I found no mention of this in any of the literature I read about it. As it happens it didn't tell me anything my CBFM didn't already tell me so I may as well have saved the money, the ??400 I spent on this is ??400 I could have in my bank account set aside to pay for the IVF I will inevitably need.
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