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Clomid - Cycle 2

Hi girls

I've been reading these forums for the last 2 years whilst hubby and I have been trying to concieve our first baby (unsuccessfully so far) but today I decided I would join and post something myself!

I have PCOS and started on clomid last month, which didn't result in ovulation or AF (even by day 40) so had to take provera and now doubled the dose of clomid. I'm on CD 19 and still no ovulation :cry: I'm beginning to think clomid wont work for me! Trying to stay positive. Has anyone out there on clomid ovulated later than day 19? ! I've been quite chilled out about my infertility so far...but really don't want to have to resort to IVF! Feeling abit down today, im a midwife myself and get abit fed up of delivering beautiful babies to undeserving 14yr olds!

Would feel really encouraged by some success stories....

Thanku! xxx


  • Yes, on my 2nd cycle I ov'd at day 23 and was pregnant that month. Clomid is more successful after 1st cycle as ut builds up in body. xxxxxx
  • Hi Hollie,

    The latest I've Ov'd on clomid is day 23, so keep on in there. The first few months are a bit of trial and error while they try and find the right dose so not to over stimulate and you end up as octomum!

    I can understand your frustration, I'd thought we'd conceive on clomid as my system just need to bit of a kick start but I'm on the 2ww on month six and starting to think that I'm really going to end up with IUI or IVF and that I'll be lucky to have a baby in 2012 if at all.
  • I am on CLomid 100mg, using it day 5-9 of period. and my dr says i ovulate day 14. so day 11-17 my husband and I are to have intercourse as much as possible. Im technically on cycle 4 (first month was a trial to make sure I ovulated). How do you all know when you ovulate? Do you check your temperatures? Im thinking since we havent been successful with the timing, maybe im ovulating late?

    Also if you ovulated on day 23, was that with a 28 day cycle or longer?

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